america the great

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America the great, oh yeah? If it's so great then why did we vote a president who hates He hates on the coloured, He hates on the women, Heck, he even hates Americans.  
How can I pledge allegiance to the flag when America has never been great   How do we stand for the Republic when the fourteen points of fascism have become a checklist   How are we under God
Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light People born to privilege deciding what is right. By the cop lights’ red glare, guns bursting through the air Gave proof through the night, that inequality is still there.
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, for one nation which says that all humans are equal, that we, the American citizens, are protected under rights given to us while the homeless starve to death in alleys and
Don't speak up, Don't step out of place, Don't express yourself and, By God, don't voice your opinion.   If those putrid words slip out, You're a goner.
My Love By: Anthony Kirk Taxation without true representation, used to pay
six feet under damn what a bummer all because of their skin what was the color?   black in america, is this even a surprise 
America the great The beautiful The selfish The blind The ignorant When will you realize that women are much more More than
America is a country different from the rest, And in my personal opinion, it's proven to be the best. But with every country, rather large or small, There is always room for improvement, or else there'd be a call.
America, land of the free. America, home of the brave. America, home of the immigrant.   Change is seen as scary, terrifying,
I pledge Allegiance to the Flag,                 To this country of the brave And to the generation of “swag”                 What once was the country of riches and hope
My America, where I can't walk the streets Alone at night because I am terrified  And whether it's the anxiety that 40 million  Of us exerience or the fact that  I could be attacked just because I 
My America, where I can't walk the streets Alone at night because I am terrified   
i stand among the people and cannot help but wonder how the manner in which we think halts our spectacle of justice  
America the Great, America the Free, Right?   If we’re so great,   Why am I scared Of the shackles of student loans?  
The people spoke The ballots were cast We demanded change   We love our country We love our home But it cannot stay the same
Back in the day there was a boy, hardly a man, Struggling, going, and proving his worth Hair askew, clothes poorly chosen, with a laborers’ tan He used to find pity but now there’s a dearth
America, the almighty and great indeed Whip lashes across our backs Shackles around our hands and feet   Make America Great Again? Fought and died for freedom for the future with no recognition in history
Outside of these walls, I see the world falling. People of this so called great country is drowning. The hatred is radiating off of souls, the words said to eachother are foul. When will the anger die down?
America---- You call us a People United. You proudly call yourself a 'Melting Pot' Although that may be true, you fool yourself by the own lies you tell. We are divided. Divided by the color of our skin.
"Make America Great Again!" It's the slogan we all hear.  "Americans are full of hate!" from the mouths of people that live here. Many years of suffering and depression. And all for what?
France hates us. The world laughs at us. We are slobs.   We are free. We are generous. We are beautiful.  
In America, we are free To do what we wish Thus, with joy we cry And oh how we pray That freedom has not died For if she dies we are lost
America the Great? The worlds melting pot all served up on a plate? In the land of th free refugees are no longer welcome We're stuck on a sinking ship heaven or hell come Corprate America resides in the White House
America the Great! We yell With our high educational standards Our freedom of speech and press and opinions Our equal rights
An outcast and the people’s man Is nothing but a lewd artifice of a leader His white hot rhetoric sears into America’s already scarred skin She weeps for her children
I am proud of America. I am proud to live in a land of rights for all. I am proud to follow in the footsteps of those who came before.  
America the Great, The land of the free, This is my home And you won’t take it from me.   We split from Britain In a bloody war, where Brothers fought brothers, and
Set fire to the right tree, the whole forest will burn Think. Not of a grim reality, but of the galvanizing truth The one who ignites the right branch hopes to illuminate the right tree, the whole forest will burn
Ivy is born in the Bronx At 6:04 A.M. She enters the world wailing, Falling flat against grimy bathtub in her grandfather’s basement.
Land of the Free Home of the Brave America the Great Land of the Tall Trees and Pariotic Flags Home of the Vegetable Gardens and Christian Standards America the Counrty of Living and Chaos
Dear America, It’s taken me 17 years to compose this letter To figure out what to say Maybe that’s how long it takes to gain the courage To confront the face of one’s oppressor
For Liberty and Justice, it stands, one nation Indivisible    
It’s time for change. In America, Women getting told They shouldn’t have worn that. In America, Men getting told
The water is too murky The water is too gray. The water is too polluted. To see the fish at bay. For the fisherman had never thought That his fish would have never been caught
For the land of the free, there sure is a lot of bondage and incarceration imbalance. You can only go to jail if you're not a straight, conservative, wealthy, white male.
america. we all preach it as the land of the free the home of the brave. america. the new president says we need to make it great again. what made it not as great?
I used to think America was great, But now, not so much. We were never the land that we prided ourselves on for being found on the foundation of “Liberty and Justice for all”
Here on this broken ground I stand, Flipping through the pages of history books. I see evidence of God's loving hands, Over a land that God they forsook.   America the beautiful, 
America the Great, America the White, A motherland ran in spite. Freedom upon freedom offered to those Of which the ignorant few had chose. Star-spangled blessings for those who live in hate,
America. Home of the brave and land of the free. It's not a terrible place to be We have great traditions
The burden of hate makes hearts heavy.    Once a country great? When? Judgement of people by their color, Disregard of people for their sex, Pitty of people for their fortune, or lack there of...  
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