My Love

My Love

By: Anthony Kirk

Taxation without true representation, used to pay

For police officers that gun down children at play

With a toy gun wishing to pretend to be a soldier

To fight for his nation and become cannon fodder

For the war on terrorism and achieve great victory

By getting oil, to fill our cars and make money

The country I grew up loving is an empty shell

With Christian governors going straight to hell

With left leaning senators “helping” the disenfranchised

By taking more money from the lobbyist to advertise

Their name on a tv to ensure more votes and support

While veterans in the streets have been cut short

America is an alcoholic, drug infested wasteland

Growing up here required a very firm hand

To make sure you wouldn’t get addicted

By whatever you grabbed. Dictated

By the heroin inside your pale veins

Taking wrong lanes in pain to make gains

Pledge allegiance to the flag of the U.S.A

As long as you're not a minority or gay

Because then either you disenfranchised

Or your used for the S.J.W to be vindicated

there’s no middle men in the white house

Only ideological men with flames to rouse

Beauty is only at the skin deep, disgusting level

Cause the flesh underneath requires a shovel

Buried 6 feet under and covered in eternal dirt

The great nation looks good in a short skirt

But when it speaks its mind, opening its jaw

It speaks in tongues and with no withdrawal


That doesn’t destroy my hope in any way

Can’t you hear the heartbeat of the day?

The glorious rising notes of redemption

Being played by the pure in the distance

YES! We can make America what it needs to be

The land made for the people like you and me

Shhhhh.. Hear the rising chants of the faithful

Rise through the air. No single note dull

Why can’t we be heroes?

Why can’t we be happy?

Why does nobody know,

How to turn the key,

And open the door

Into something more

Into something beautiful

Truly wonderful

Remarkably hopeful

And beautiful

The type of beauty that cannot move

Through the use of unstoppable love

And peace that can’t be removed

Make the flag pure as a dove

Make the red white and blue a symbol

The sign of freedom can be rekindled


Do not be angry and what the world has done to our home. Just accept the present and move in swift strides into the future with a breath of determination and the strength to do what is truly right. The country we’ve known has died. A truth undeniable to anybody. But that doesn’t mean we can’t create a nation we love. A nation that refuses to judge and refuses to acknowledge truth without every shred of evidence. Create a nation for every person that chooses to cross its border.

Create a nation that is indeed beautiful.

A nation worthy of the name,

Worthy of the phrase,

America The Beautiful.

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