America Unedited

I used to think America was great,

But now, not so much.

We were never the land that we prided ourselves on for being found on the foundation of “Liberty and Justice for all”

Rather we were found on hatred and bigotry.



Growing up in the south,

We never questioned or had doubts about what our history books taught us,

We just sat back and listened without actually hearing.

If anything it was more a of math lesson

The routes they took to trade,

Slaves, tobacco, textiles, repeat.

It was all geometry.


Seeing with eyes unclouded is like waking up years after the apocalypse

To only find the mess and chaos left behind.


I remember one day my best friend came to school so excited

Shoving a document in my face saying her family finally got their Green Card.

I was so happy because she was so happy to officially call herself an American.

I also remember staying up late the night of the Election

The glow of my phone making my eyes squint in the dark as I read her panicked texts.

She told me she was scared that her and her family were going to have to leave.

One thing she said stuck out to me

“This is not the nation my parents uprooted themselves and moved to for a better future”

And, she’s right.


The older generation love to nag and complain

Saying the youth of today need to go out and get jobs and stop being lazy.

But how are we supposed to do such a task in an economy that they, themselves, ruined?

We are only following the road you paved before us

Without any road maps and instruction manuals.

Getting lost takes up a lot of time.

And when we finally get to our destination

We are buried alive in so much debt

That maybe hiring a hitman to off us doesn’t sound so bad.


Pop Quiz:

Was America ever great?


So how can we call a nation that was founded to fail be great?

We can’t.   


They say an ocean is just a multitude of drops

It only takes one person to create a movement

And luckily, there is a revolution happening

So what side of history will you be on?


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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