America The Great ?!

America the Great!

We yell

With our high educational standards

Our freedom of speech and press and opinions

Our equal rights

Our life expectancy of 78.9 %

Ooh, America the Great!

We yell...

Where our high school graduation rate is at an all time high of 81% based off mandatory testing

Where our mandatory testing is simplified to portray us of higher intelligence

Where, yes under the Constitution, we have freedoms -but there is a catch-

Where you can say what you want as long as it does not offend anyone

Where you can publish news but if it is not what the public wants to hear, it’s “fake news”

Where if you say your opinion, you are hounded by anyone with a device

Where your life expectancy is 78.9 % if you are Caucasian

Where your life expectancy is 4.3% lower if you are simply born African American

America the Great?!

We yell...

When we have the highest incarceration rate per capita

When you are two times as likely as a Caucasian to be incarcerated because you are Latino

When you are two times as likely than a Latino to be incarcerated because you are Black

When our total gross national debt is 18.96 trillion dollars

When there is a 20% wage gap simply because of gender

When Americans are 47th in suicide death rates in the world with 13 deaths per 100,000 people

When 193,862 suicide deaths occur every year

America the Great?

We question...

America can be great

America has the tools to be great

America needs help

America is beautiful

America is for the foreign

America is for all of us

America is a saving grace

America just needs to remember from whence we came

America has to remember  

O Captain! My Captain! Please remember...


This poem is about: 
My country


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