Realism: Love, acceptance, and pushing forward

America. Home of the brave and land of the free.

It's not a terrible place to be

We have great traditions

that span over many generations, whether it be within a family or across the nation

But we need to coexist more

We need to love more

We need to accept more

Although we have made great strides to keep improving

All we get is negativity

And sometimes excess positivity

Citizens need to understand that being overly negative or overly positive cannot help

We need to understand what we do wrong, and what we do right as a country

Our founding fathers

recognized that creating this country would be tough but worth it

We need to realize maintaining this country is not the easiest thing to do, but it is rewarding

We are lucky to live in a country with so many rights given to you at birth

However changes do need to be made, and we need to accept this

Protest when you feel you've been treated unjustly

Shout your name and story and we as Americans must listen to you, and help you

Never Hate, always love.

Kill others with kindness.

What good has violence ever done?

Everyone is equal under the law

So, What is there to change?

We need to focus on promoting our country as a good and fair place, and start treating people better as well

It is a great country, and only having love for a certain part isn't a great solution either.

The Land of opportunity

with its own ideas and values

Needs to change, but also needs to be appreciated

We still need new ways

New ideas

and new pride

That will truly make this country fair for everyone. We all must work towards to pursue this goal Not just one group of people who have been treated unfairly.


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