i stand among the people

and cannot help but wonder

how the manner in which we think

halts our spectacle of justice


when you’re forced to live in shame

from a parent’s view

that your innate predisposition is at fault

what can you do?


you cannot love

and you cannot hide

and you cannot change

what’s inside


the people around you

don’t seem to care

due to rational ignorance

that is seemingly everywhere


the worst part is

my sexuality is not the only dilemma

but just a vague commencement

in our thoughts that go wrong


the way in which we carry ourselves

as a nation

should never hurt

one’s internal song


people are divided

from race to creed

despite the best efforts of many

to dress where we bleed


when will the views

of oppression end?

when will hearts open

and the great divide descend?


we can pretend

things are okay

and that the nation triumphs

that we are prospering in this day


but until we learn to love

the Star-Spangled Banner -

though it may stand high -

cannot help but crucify



as it falters in its wave




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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