America the Great

America the great

The beautiful

The selfish

The blind

The ignorant

When will you realize that women are much more

More than

Your arm candy

Your help at home

Your easy lay

your thing

I am branded


By those who do not know

What it's like to be a women

But being a women isn't enough

From the moment I came out of my mother

I was put at the bottom of the latter

The latter America the Great

Is so fond of

I am a women

But I am also a women of color

Why America?

Why are you so afraid of me?

I can't help the fact that my skin isn’t ghostly white

I can’t help that I was born with ovaries

I can’t help the fact that I have a fire within me

That can no longer be contained

Dear America the Great

You are nothing without us

You are nothing

Open your eyes

Look at that star-spangled banner you passionately sing about

Poor Mary Pickersgill

Remember her?

Thought she was finally apart of something bigger

Bigger than the separation of gender, race and class

But nothing has changed has it America?

We are here

Tired of waiting for our moment to shine

No longer will we hide in your shadow America

We hope you give us the respect

The honor

The value

We nasty women so rightfully deserve

It's never too late to be

America the Great


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