My America

My America, where I can't walk the streets

Alone at night because I am terrified 

And whether it's the anxiety that 40 million 

Of us exerience or the fact that 

I could be attacked just because I 

Dared to be a woman walking alone

At night in the streets of America the Great


My America, where everyone has a disorder

And everyone is on medication because

We cannot cope with our day to day lives

Without the assistance of chemicals

And those who don't take pills

Often find solace at the bottom 

Of a bottle, only in America the Great


Maybe others live in the fabled

America the Great, but I exist in 

An America that couldn't care if I died

All because I dare to be bisexual 

So you wave that star spangled banner 

In America the Great as high as you wish,

While I continue in my America

This poem is about: 
My country


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