Make America Great Again?

Sun, 04/23/2017 - 02:07 -- ajiax92


United States
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America, the almighty and great indeed

Whip lashes across our backs

Shackles around our hands and feet


Make America Great Again?

Fought and died for freedom for the future with no recognition in history

Strange fruit hanging from the southern trees

Tortured by the violence led by the Bull

Fearful of violence led by the Klan


Make America Great Again?

From freedom to slavery at the stroke of a pen

Thousands of black men incarcerated




Back to chattel slavery


Make America Great Again?

The outcry of thousands

Yet another gunned down

No trial for justice

When will a resolution be found

Eric Garner

Trayvon Martin

Oscar Grant

Another man down


Living in a sunken space

They see us but they don't hear us


Make America Great Again?

Welcome to the new era of Jim Crow

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My country
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