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Are you ok? They ask and I reply really, Why are you worried? I swear,I'm fine But u know that I'm really not ok That this is all a mask,a pretty face When in reality, I am not all right.
Texas.don.g.nutt59.poem.every body any body raise ya hands stand up get up jump an shout praise the lord praise the victory in me clapp ya hands stump ya feet to the boogiety beat shuffle an shake ya body move to the sound bring to life the kirk f
Maybe tomorrow, they will finally see meBut it’s just like yesterday, another day. Crossing the days until I reach May,I fall into endless sleep and unreal dreams.Stray today, stay away, to myself I say. I wake up to the sky with clouds of greyAnd
In a choir of voices, a  Soloist Is a tricky business.   We breathe as one,  More intimate than lovers, and  At the same time,   Not,--it's only what we're
The weight of words are incongruent Despite the efforts you made Your’s were never deemed confluent   The illusive link and its many herrings
A Year Alone I chose to go To somewhere that was quite unknown   Whole new ideas I had never heard Ways of thinking I thought were absurd   And all my thoughts?
A Year Alone I chose to go, to somewhere that was quite unknown.   A Year Alone; A long plane flight. I cried myself to sleep that night.   A Year Alone, Strange Family.
Looking into a somber, empty future Bequeathing a speech to a room of strangers Plummeting into an empty abyss.   Becoming a guardian of your psyche Acknowledging the precedence of friendships
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Drive, With power and force that breaks walls To make towering obstacles fall To get up off of the back and manage to push through
I notice attempts to fulfill those needs Of protecting kids with safety measures. Back then, the only concerns were nosebleeds.   Why must I still see these tear-stained pictures,
10 Years from now, we’ll still be here; Arguing if measures will help the defenseless. The ever present fear will always be near.   There’s no reason to allow the Left to put me in fear,
I could sit here tracing lines in your hands   Outside of time endlessly full of dreams   A buzzing phones the trance that held me ends   I am thrown
Dear Time,   When we first met, I was stricken by your tall body, towering over mine. Your silky whispers make me shy,  
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(Because our relationship in being together, Is more than just being together It’s the kind of love that lasts… The kind that goes on, Forever….)  
They had no idea What he did To me. Idiots, they are. They couldn't See. How I got the scar My name, Had they asked? No. They saw my fur My outercoat And they laughed.
America! God bless you if it's good to you! You hate the pennies and the coloured, But the change and the constitution they love! America! Opportunity a plenty! But you slash and burn the crop
Mr. Reagan, you've slaughtered a generation, one of pure Imagination , and disseminated false information.   Because of that they were not bothered. Darling souls left un-mothered,
It has been forever... Since what I thought I was worth Was equivalent to who I really am Forever... Since my smile touched my eyes And my heart skipped a beat Forever...
Do I care that I lied to you, Mother?  Do I care that I cheated on a quiz? Do I care that I stole from my brother? No, I don't care about all that junk, Miss.   Do I feel shame about my wrong choices? 
How many more painful times must I die? Spear and katana piercing through my soul. Though pained and drying tears I cannot cry.   From the start of time I have wished to fly,
I am not now, nor will I ever beDefined by misconceptions others have of me.But rather by my actions to those that bring no gain,How much more so to those that caused me pain. I am not now, nor have I ever beenDefined simply by the number of those
I am.. Unconfident So instead of speaking I write it down I am.. Unloved So I find love the best way I know how I am.. Good For Nothing It's what I was always told I am..
Content with myself is all I want to beTo see others in the same light as meTo not think of myself as lessHiding from issues behind the kanekalon
Do not go gentle into that good night Oold age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.   Though wise men at their end know dark is right
He clasps the crag with crooked hands; Closed to the sun in lonely land, Ring'd with the azure world, he stands.   The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls; He watches from his mountain walls,
In good times: A little kitten, more orange than his hair, for his "adorable cat-like girlfriend" A small visit, card in hand ("I thought about you today..."), to say I love you--
A powerful genetic disorder mutation of the genes Passed down through heredity proclamations of this rare disease A variety of different types yet no cure to be One kind in particular
The moon is falling down, and I choke with my words. You laugh while I drown. You treated me like a clown; you played with my heart. The moon is falling down.
I am the one who named all the flowers
Words without reproof, naked and ashamed, Unheard, but reached by hundreds; they’re my words spoken. But I am the king of the Jungle! A lion untamed.   My power lies within the boundaries I have proclaimed
Our infatuation is a fickle monster by and by I’ve been who I am, and yet me you do not know Tell me, what it is you love about me and why   You don’t know that you don’t know, so I lie
My feelings are rewritten and straining as I see others struggling to make it in life The winds in my heart are changing   I remember when my opinion of the world was so loving, so unbending
High school junior and the pressure is all here Where the adults tell you whether or not Your future is clear And all the numbers you've feared For so many years
Here's a little story of the girl who thought she'd never make it. Growing up in a world that told her all she has to do is fake it. Seeing the world in black and white isn't right, and she knew it, 
If I could I would climb to the sky on the clouds I'd stand and stare down to the crust. If I could I would make perfect change that would remain constant until we all turn to dust.
These are some of the things I miss, Stuff I took for granted; like a good night kiss.   Or last May I wish you were here to see me play!
Hug my mom Play with sis  look at me,  what is this? dance around, talk to friends, with me the fun never ends listen to music laugh and play 
I try to move it to let myself out. im not strong enough alone, i need help. My mask is see through but theres no vision that passes through. i can only see out no one can see in no one can see how weighed down this mask makes me.
You know I once had this dream that I could write the world so small like a peanut, all I needed to do was to crush the rush to use my human brush. I feel more at home In the comfort of my mindset.
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