Strength Together

(Because our relationship in being together,

Is more than just being together

It’s the kind of love that lasts…

The kind that goes on, Forever….)


Together we scale the mountain

Red cherry juice escapes our palms

Staining the snow red.


Together we mount peaks

Of crispy white, painted

In front of vast blues.


Together we stroll under the breeze

As the shuffle of wind

Echoes through the trees.


Together we are more than one

But like one, we surge



There is not a force in the world

That can trip us

Or hold us down.


Together we play.

You push me down, hold me back,

Then pick me up.


On your shoulders I reach new heights.

You push me further,

Race me faster


Without you I would

Not have started this climb

That has led me to new sights.


We, together, saw the potential,

(In each other),

That others had overlooked,


Together we made a pact,

For together, we would remain


This poem is about: 
My family
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