The Scars Inside

Tue, 08/15/2017 - 02:31 -- Ash_Mel

They had no idea
What he did
To me.

Idiots, they are.
They couldn't

How I got the scar
My name,
Had they asked?

No. They saw my fur
My outercoat
And they laughed.

Have you ever had
A brother
Who wouldn't take No?

He always laughed,
“No one will know.”

But I knew,
It came to me
At night.

I almost wished
To be a bird
To take flight.

There is no escape

You deserve it

My older brother,
The ruler,
Not just.

Because I was
The one
Who was a bust.

I wanted him to feel
As I felt.
So low.

But in the end,
His son
Gave the final blow.

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