I am.... Not ME!

Fri, 09/04/2015 - 16:40 -- lexyis

Content with myself is all I want to be
To see others in the same light as me
To not think of myself as less
Hiding from issues behind the kanekalon
Lip gloss. I'm someone else with all the make up on
I can't seem to be myself
I'm over influenced by what's popular and what their doing
That I can't be an individual
I hate myself because I can't seem to copy
I replicate perfectly but they always seem to spot me
My part isn't big enough my eyebrows aren't dark
                                 My jeans don't look painted on. And im told im wrong.                                            For being so effected by it. I can't stand to be told not to feel. Like be real no ones heart is cold. No one can shut off and fold their emotions away. Its so easy to feel. The hardest process is to heal. To take all tears and fears sit and work on them. To lay out all faults no hesitation. To put your insecurities up for presentation. Now that's hard. I know I can't criticize me. Its not that I don't see what's wrong its that I don't see what's right like the beautiful skies of the Mid West at night I have no light.I'm afraid that if I really look into a mirror at myself that I would find zero wealth Worthless. No purpose or need to clothe or feed a waste of space like me. I wonder if others can see that my tank is on E. That I can't offer more than empty words.   Colorful verbs and difficult nouns so that it sounds like your not wasting time on me. But I'm sure at least some see the peeling skin and thinning hair on the body of a scared little girl. Who only wants to emulate whats popular in the world. Who doesnt have a mind of her own. So how can I expect to be treated with respect when  I'm.... In laymen's terms weak.                 A messed up copy.

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