Young Arrogance

Do I care that I lied to you, Mother? 

Do I care that I cheated on a quiz?

Do I care that I stole from my brother?

No, I don't care about all that junk, Miss.


Do I feel shame about my wrong choices? 

Do I feel shame for making fun of her? 

Do I feel shame talking in cruel voices? 

No, I feel no shame for using those words.


No ma'am, I do not care about my past. 

No ma'am, I feel no shame about my life. 

No ma'am, I see no reason to think back

Because I see no need to pay a price. 


And there won't come a day when I will be

Depressed by all my sins, Mother, you'll see. 

Poetry Terms Demonstrated: 



  • Title: Check 
  • 14 Lines (Sonnet): Check
  • Stanziac Form: Check 
  • Rhyme: Check

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