Wed, 10/08/2014 - 07:48 -- JEZ

You know I once had this dream that I could write the world so small like a peanut, all I needed to do was to crush the rush to use my human brush.

I feel more at home In the comfort of my mindset.

My own is my own I want nothing to do with yours.

I still remember days when I felt safe in the warm arms of my mother, I would wrap myself in her love and count my years one by one.

And she would kiss my dreams to life, beating my challenges like a locally made konga or a talking drum.

I always felt the certainty of her love.

There was never any doubt what so ever as to what she would do for my dreams.

She would handle me with care, like an egg that I am.

My dreams are complete so long as she is with me.

Let them fly she would say.

I could feel the reassuring love beneath her virgin words, beautiful as they sound.

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