Will, Focus, Fidelity - My Own Lament


With power and force that breaks walls

To make towering obstacles fall

To get up off of the back and manage to push through

With will I can achieve anything I put my mind to,



Not with passion and motivation

But with effort through lack of inspiration

Seek a straight mind with one

A brain is what you become,



Along a road without divergence

Keeping life full of it’s constants

Distractions of faith blow at the feet

But the wheel is straight despite deceit



I do so well it deserves thanks

For the position I am in-

A fool with the tools to rise up the ranks


I thank myself for my own sorrow

With weakness I have peaked

I wait until I strive tomorrow


I thank will, focus, fidelity for teasing

I know too well how to do

But to drive is anything but easy


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