I Do

In good times:

A little kitten, more orange than his hair, for his "adorable cat-like girlfriend"

A small visit, card in hand ("I thought about you today..."), to say I love you--

--only to sit down for five hours, laughing, hugging, kissing, loving.

Whether texting or talking, there is love in the heart at the end of the message, and in the sparkle in our eyes

There is warmth in his arms, acceptance in his smile, care in his voice.

And I feel, I see, and I hear completely.


And in bad:

Curled into a ball, tears staining the couch, phone in hand as words tumble out

"I'm scared" "I'm sorry" "Help me" 

Deep breaths in and out, a bit too loud and a tad too fast, shaky hands, shaky heart

I don't deserve this, I'm a disappointment, I'm sorry

Amidst the sobs, "You are worth everything" "I'm here for you" "You're going to be alright"

And I listen, I calm, and for the first time that night, I smile.


All the days of my life:

For all he does, for all I do for him, the most important, cherished feeling of them all

As amazing as he is, he makes me feel just as awesome

For being by my side, and loving me as I am.

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