Even with FSHMD Everything is Awesome

A powerful genetic disorder
mutation of the genes
Passed down through heredity
proclamations of this rare disease
A variety of different types
yet no cure to be
One kind in particular
has made a huge impact on me
I sit and watch
a daily struggle
my loved ones battle
their individual troubles
Yet still smile
and live their lives
Regardless of possessed mutations
their hope survives
Through all the falls and all the times
that life appears against them
They pick out all the positive things
which is what makes this all so awesome
My brother, father and grandfather
have taught me to live on
No matter what may come your way
you have to act so strong
And even though there are some days
I wonder why me
Why must such a terrible thing
reside within my family
I then realize without this life
I would not be me
So I can say I’ve learned to love the disorder
Of Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy.
And in this life I won’t ever forget
to live with so much optimism
Even with struggles of FSHMD
Everything is awesome.

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My family
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