Running Out of You

Dear Time,


When we first met, I was stricken

by your tall body, towering over mine.

Your silky whispers make me shy,


spoken through labyrinth lips I’d like to find

my way through. I could hear your heartbeat,

slow and steady through your sturdy chest.


I’ve wanted to make you mine since then.

So clueless, for someone so wise, you don’t realize

how valuable you are to me.


I wish to trace your smile lines with my

eyelashes, to be as free as a white butterfly

fluttering in the wavy air, embracing its current .


I find myself always wanting more of you,

our hands brush up against each other for just

a brief moment and I feel the the heat


emanate between our fingers, it’s what I live for.

Your sparkling silver hair, seductive gray eyes that speak,

have me begging you, stay with me a little while


longer. Please stay within my reach.

I’ll just have to chase you forever, run to you,

run into you whenever I get the chance.


Always running late, missing you by a moment or two.

You, the one who believes in never slowing down,

not even for me, always moving your own way


to the tune of your own flute, never glancing backward.

And yet I find myself enamored, every minute

gesture you make, shakes my heart, rattles the beans inside.


I’ll never forget our hours together, orbiting

in light of the Sun you raise every morning

for me. Your hot breath trickles down each twinkly star.


I can’t think of you too long

and ponder your mysteries directly,

I may wonder indefinitely if you’ve always existed,


or if you’ve been invented. But just to let you know,

I’ve bought myself a loud clock and

I’ll always be keeping you in the back of my thoughts.


Infinitely yours,

A. Human


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