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horrified, traumatized eyes. with the glooming gaze, of the collapse, flawed sanctuary. her eyes in trust of its quality.  failing her from sternness,
I’m happy I’m proud of who I am I believe in myself I’m a successful person Liar I’m excited for the world! I’m an exceptional musician I play with a fruitful passion Disappointment
They're NEVER To Be FORGOTTEN... !!!!! The Sodden And Down Trodden... By The ILL Gotten... ROTTEN... !!! Enslavers And HATERS... !!!!! FAKE Claiming... “ Bravers “...
He is the sun That Lights the way To a peace I have been Neglected from the truth was always tangled in lies The only proof was The look in your eyes
He is the sun that lights the way To the peace I have been  hiding from the truth Love is lost so easily resentments build up kept silently breaking solid ground walking on eggshells is not as easy  as it sounds 
There Really Are Some Quotes... That Come From Some White Folks... That Now... Get Up My Nose... !!! They KEEP CLAIMING That They KNOW... How It Is For... OPPRESSED Black Souls... ?!?
So ... Who Do You See … ? When You Look In … " Your Mirror " … ??? Someone COMPLETE Or Someone Whose Glimmer … Isn't Quite As Bright As You Might Like … ?!?
For Some It Seems Perception ... LEANS ... Toward THOSE Dreams of ... " FANTASIES " ...
OH RIGHT I SEE ... It's The Things I Speak ... That ACTUALLY Affect The Way ... " YOU Feel " ... ?!? OH So Things I've Said Have HURT ... YOUR Head ... !!!
I Was With A Female Friend ... When Our Conversation Led ... To ... Condescending Sinners ... !!! Who Are CLEARLY ... Walking Sphincters ... !!!!!
I feel like a bubble of emotion Floating in the ease of your presence  But I think I am always waiting For the inevitable "POP" And knowing it wouldn't be possible To put us back together
Is it Such A Crime To Speak Your Mind … ? Because It Seems To Be If You're NOT WHITE ... !!! I Hear This Said So MANY Times … !!! "Virge, you scare folks with words you rhyme !"
ARROGANCE ... Or ... Self BELIEF ... ?????? Which of These Is Part of ME ... ? I Have An Idea But What Do You See ... ? Some Have Said They See ... VANITY ... !!!!! Well For Many Years I Saw ..... UGLY ......
Do I ... " Fit In ? " Do You ... " Fit In ? " Is ... " Fitting In " ... Just One More Sin ... ? "Fit" .... "Into This" ... !!! "Fit" .... "Into That" ... !!!
Girls These Days Are So Confused ... ?!? They Seem To Be In ... " Alices' Shoes " ... !?! YES ... " Wonderland " ... ?!?
I love poetry for its blank spaces, for its constant wondering and the shape of the words on a page. For different reasons than why I love math.
You Know I Need To Pick Bones ... In These Damned ... "Comfort Zones" ... !!! Do You Think Yours Will SAVE You ... ? ... If You're ... ON YOUR OWN ... !!?!!
We started off strong, Pure and true, But now you’re leaving me, Feeling small and blue.   This can’t be real,
There are so many things I find I'm forced to remember. Sloppy drawings of sleepy Buddha in the back of a rotting notebook. Cake crossing my eager ears, as I jam my hip beneath the stair-rail,
I. DENIAL They lie to me  and say that you are not here. But the wind still blows, the sky still blue, the grass green. I will see you tomorrow. II. ANGER
Walls aren’t made of bricks Words aren’t made of shit I haven’t been sick this is never-ending bliss.   tell Them thank you, please all those heads, shoulders, and knees
I just can´t deal with this feeling of denial I gave it my all It makes me feel like I don´t deserve anything at all   I scratched and clawed for an opportunity for them to say no
I will be The Judge, You will be The Jury. I’ll believe in the happy never-afters and the long-forgotten fables. Rebut me as much as you like, Jury.
I won't say I'm in love. I like your hair, I won't say I'm in love. I like how you don't want to catch my eyes, I won't say I'm in love.
Do you ever think of how often you escape death’s clutches, and you don’t even notice?
Dear Author,  
I needn’t be The chains that Bind you so Alas I fear I’ve Unknowingly Become your Keeper
There are no coherent words escaping your lipsYour eyes pry mine open for me to see and listenYour neck strains agains your collar to choke out the wordsI only wanted to hear what I wanted, versus what you said  
  Boom! Crash! Snap. "We can't protect the fallen. We can't relieve the screeching Even if we try."   Trembling and weak
 Denial This isn’t happening to me…I opened my eyes but chose not to see…Daily forced to face myself again…What to do when strength loses and weakness wins… Anger  Why is this happening to me…?I followed the written and unwritten plan…Never give t
2016 was a piñata full of cheap candy. All around, everyone was chirping dale, dale, dale.   Drive-bys. Ya le diste uno. Crooked landlords. Ya le diste dos.
So many times I wanted to ask you, was this for real, were you serious. Did you really not feel anything, was this nothing more than an insignificant stepping stone to what you really wanted.
I am not lonely. I am not lonely. I am not lonely. I am not lonely! I am not lonely.   I AM NOT LONELY.  
If I were to write you a eulogy  I would start by saying You are not dead I still see you in the mirror In the smile lines painted  permanently onto my face I carry you in the baggage under my eyes
With every unsaid wordbetween us,a new brick is addedto our wall of silence. This silence begannaturally as wegrewboth up and apart.
Mama started goin’ gray some years ago. Her body’s breakin’, or so she tells me All damn night and all damn day as she cries. I’ve got to agree; she never used to Cry her eyes and ears off all the damn time.
The Breeze is flowing, following the day The winds in my face, brushing all away My amber eyes, are seeing clear Guiding me straight, through all fear-- But I call, I call, and no one anwsers
I know that you are out there! Please come and talk, To a girl who feels all alone, A girl that feels so lost.   I am bisexual, Yes, we exist. I am not hiding that I am gay,
Kiss my hand before you break my fingers,  The stinging pain will always linger.  Light fingertips stroke my cheek before you leave a bruise,  Without an option, there is no way I may refuse.
I don’t like to drink coffee, it intensifies my anxiety  or maybe it makes me more aware; to uncover when i thought i was already bare. got to fill my schedule up wth tasks; can’t have time to simply sit.
Anger. Hatred. Sadness. Each day,  Driving past your house, I'd always wonder, Did you ever think about me? Did you ever miss me? 'Course not 'cause you was never there
As i watch you breathing I look deep into your eyes I try to read your face For clues of any feeling Pain or peace I know your body is tired
It hurts to be forgettenI try to supress the painbut it still doesn't work,so my other best option
Purpose--a complex structure in our mind Profound in sound, trivial in its utter existence. Perfect clones don't exist, but passions mix Painful links of genuinity and commonity.   
Mirror, spotted with age and time. Rust begins to spread, but you see yourself just fine.
He caressed her and touched her This wasn’t right
Unmanageable, need help to stop addictions,
I've gone through adequate measures to beat the monster that resides within me This thing lay secreted beneath the surface of my skin Readying to rupture out at any which moment
scream  soft smile bright blind yourself with loving light bask and sway for one more day to hold the scream in tight   blooming flowers choking weeds blind the world with loving deeds
I still dont get why you love me so. It's a funny thing when i think of me. And i never understand why, you won't leave my side. Telling me we're gonna be alright When my mind has drawn a blank,
                     "...Denial?"I am flawless because I try,even though I fail miserably.
Characteristics of time change when the clock strikes    midnight; the Moon casts his gaze on clumsily painted dreams. A flirtatious affair under a silk cloak of stars,
A poem that I featured on my blog:
I have no curtain.
Flaws and all She was born like this not very tall with curves he likes to kiss the chubby cheeks on her face a smile that lights up the place in her heart is very pure and soft voice that's hard to hear if you're not listening to the words she s
Actions speak louder than wordsSo always tell a thousand lies Laugh like there's no tomorrowOr better put, no yesterdayThe past can bite you in the assIf you don't tell a thousand lies 
I know it has to end
I'll be fine on my own And your words break my fragile bones. I'm done with the negativity,
You might want to get out a pen and paper and take some notes Listen up, no texting please, awkward eyes contact is necessary We’ll start with some basic rules, you'll want to write them down
Pay it forward. Do the good. Be the change.  Education is your stepping stone, no one will give you a bone. 
Are we in love with people because of who they are, or because they are who we want to be? If I would cross a thousand seas for you, maybe one day I will do it for me.
you lost the war  you began you have to start all over all the poor choices you made take responsibility for your actions Climb a million mountains
Do you understand what it’s doing to you?
I’ve lost my mind, it must be so, my reason has disappeared. Everything seems to glow whenever you’re near Your smile, your eyes,
  A girl loves seven different men in her lifetime.
You're the time taken up, I will never have enough. You're the words, flooding down, I see the ink, pouring out. You're the dreams I see at night, I can't explain this sense of "right."
Negatively speaking, Relatively freaking I'm lost and Distraught, hell bought seeking A way to understand this, the reason you reprimand is Consuming my emotions, just dooming my own oceans,
Hope is a knife, faith is murder. She cries out to you, but you haven't heard her, because the truth is you don't care, and deep down she knows, but her hope is just the thorns on a wilted rose.
The icy wind peels back your outer core Unprotected; as you were from the moment The contractions won and you tasted Bitter, bloody air. You close the door. Turn, and face the face of pity. Snarl at it.
You clearly have no idea You obviously dont know You apparently dont care You don't even try All the while, you're in denial
jealousy tastes like bile licks at your insides, leaving blisters in its wake
fingers run down your coat. a hand strokes your side. you retain nothing. where’s the love I once felt pouring from your skin? you aren’t absorbing the love I’m rubbing to your bone. move, baby, look at me.
All the lies I told myself Yesterday Last Week Last Month Last Year Ever Only infuriate me now.   I’ve been the mermaid I always wanted to be, swimming in De-nile.
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Truthfully I care Truthfully I will never share True feelings Truthfully I lie Silently I sigh Wishing for something more Anxiously wanting to explore
My eyes are heavy and my thoughts are tired I drift into my mind Searching for the answers
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