Negatively speaking, Relatively freaking

I'm lost and Distraught, hell bought seeking

A way to understand this, the reason you reprimand is

Consuming my emotions, just dooming my own oceans,

You don't realize the anger is blooming in slow motions.

You just don't understand...


I'm a ghost to my own eyes, a hidden host grown from lies.

Your boast and moan cries, it's not spose to loan to wise.

I'm weary of the same exact excuse.. Its a pain to extract abuse..

So why am I teary of the lame come back use?

You just don't understand. Why would you?


In one ear, out the other... I'm done here, so shout to another.

Fatigue, annoyance... All because you just don't trust me,

Or you assume I can't handle my own, it's a MUST SEE?


I feel agony, I feel depression...

But you've got to start seeing me as a woman who learns her lesson,

The burns of stressin, it will lessin,

I can stand, don't hold my hand, the coddling is starting to press in!!


I'm young, I'm witty maybe itty bitty but I don't need that sympathy or freaking pity.

Calm, collected, not always my strongest trait...

But a strive to thrive, live alive is only part of what keeps me straight.

You aren't showing me confidence or any hope at being successful...

My minds no less full than the day it became stressful.


You just don't understand that all I need,

is for you to let me lead my own actions, and plant my own seed.

You just don't understand... I'm not as ignorant as you perceive...

Don't wait till it's too late and I decide to leave.


Just... PLEASE... Understand.


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