you lost the war 
you began
you have to start all over
all the poor choices you made
take responsibility
for your actions
Climb a million mountains
You may feel like you're tall
according to the world, you are as small as a midget
Build a bridge in between it all
Build it so you won't fall
be angry like a sourpuss
and be mad at the world
And hold onto the rocks
You weaken with anxiety shocks
& Wince at the reality of the end
You’re in denial
As you cry and descend
& Hear the crash, get back up
when you get knocked down
Walk away with restoration
Of how your life needs to be in order
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This poem is amazing. You are a true talent. Do you have a Facebook Artist Page. If so let me know so I can like it. Also find my artist page on FB , it is Semmi Samson and for every like I donate 1 dollar to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation and Haiti Relief Project.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

hi semmi

thank you fore the compliment

very humble

i have a fb-robert velez jr is my fb username

check out my other poems i wrote

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