Quotidian Violence


A poem that I featured on my blog: briezymelodie.me.

Quotidian violence
Denial or despair
Conspiracy of silence
The truth is in the air

Pesticide poison
Riddled with ties
Tongue twisted noise
And almost everybody lies

The ones who say the sane
Aren’t in the blind majority,
But the ones who acknowledge
The common insanity.

Quotidian violence
Done to all who know,
At the denial and silence
Of those who observed it shown.

Turn your head quick!
Cover your ears,
Put your mouth quickly to work
Saying nothing for years

And if you still regret your action
Look down at your hands
They’re loomed into distraction
By all the powers that stand.

Quotidian violence,
Your money from war?
It isn’t just silence,
also isn’t open door.

What Nature’s Law can give you,
What Energy’s Law saves,
What false law can make true,
What new law makes us behave!

Speak of the elephant,
NSA never forgets,
nothing’s irrelevant
nothing is as trivial as it gets.

Quotidian violence
Know it everyday
Don’t react with just silence
Have something to say!

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