A Thousand Lies

Actions speak louder than words
So always tell a thousand lies
Laugh like there's no tomorrow
Or better put, no yesterday
The past can bite you in the ass
If you don't tell a thousand lies
Tears won't wash away your sorrow
Don't you dare cry, don't even try
Pretend it's fine, smile full-heartedly
And with your eyes, tell a thousand lies
The sun rises every morning
Laugh like you're the one it shines for
Make people think you bring it up
And smile brightly with a thousand lies
Act like you're not just a shell
Make you wall unbreakable, invisible
Don't let them see, don't let them in
Always remember to tell a thousand lies
Put on your mask, fasten it tightly
Hold onto your crumbling soul
And don't show the world your face
Never forget to tell a thousand lies
If actions speak louder than words
Then you must always tell a thousand lies


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