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We have our memories to look back on 
I hear you talk to your friends I hear you talk to my friends We share a group of friends We share interests Yet you still don't care I hear you talk about the things I love
Your mystery and beauty, to know it I once prayed A leap of faith to reach you, fallen broken and frayed Invisible in a crowd, alone like no other Through faceless strangers I see you, in the arms of another
Everyone told me that I was crazy, but I so badly wanted to prove them wrong.  I feel like an idiot, for hoping that things would go the way that I wanted them to, and for holding on for so long.
There are words that I want you to know, that I bear it for so long—but history keeps on holding me back.  
Facing him everyday, His eyes piercing mine, His words touching my soul, I cant talk, Fuck the world,  cause I can only see him, One day I'll tell him, How I feel, 
I Fall down onto my knees I look up into your eyes I can see you praying to the heavens Set a fire in my heart Don’t you know I want you
I can’t breathe the second before I pass out I won’t open my mouth until it feels Like my head its exploding within   You don't seem to care
I am not beautiful, I repeat this tune, I hide away in my cocoon, Try to disappear, Loose in the crowd, 
you spend days in your head hopingbut in the end your stuck longingfor that thing you’re missing did I mention?those feelings of utter dejection?missing those days of perfection
I am not scared to walk the darkest path, for I draw comfort from it. It sheilds me and protects me from the true horrors of this world:  the light.  
Like Most People I Like … " APPLAUSE " But NOT From Those Whose Conscience Gnaws .... Away At Them … !!!!! Who Do It Just To Fit and Blend ... With Those Who LIKE The Words I Write … !!!!
Does this mean nothing to you? Is this broken phrase not pleasing? Is love too strong a word in circumstances of the heart.
Bang   The first door shuts   I weave my way through a sea of greats Disappointed because I failed to make the cut
If I've fallen and I can't get up will you save me? Will you help me to stay strong?   If I've fallen  off the edge of the earth will you help me? Will you tell me
  growth: forced, quick, and sudden. The first born; I am made to showcase possibility, hope, and opportunity.
My life is an infinite number of scars, Marring the planet upon which I walk. It’s one after another, They never seem to end. Some were caused by others,
If I was a tree, I’d be a lonely one Waving at people as they go by It’s a hot afternoon, the rays of the sun Make me grow up, but this tree will still cry   50 years later, of standing so still
There once was a star, way up high The star is sad, he starts to cry The star looks up and sees her eyes, The star is happier, he doesn’t know why   The star is very far away
Life is shit; Life ain’t fair I don’t even fucking care Grab a drink; pop a pill Pray to god that this will kill Heart Is beating; trouble breathing I am sweating and I’m freezing
I’m just not the same Where’s the picture for my frame Where’s the candle for my flame  I just am not right  Where’s the sun to bring me light Where’s the pen so I can write  
It was my moral duty to operate and in many people's eyes, I was admired.I did what needed to be done and because of that, I was fired.Four years ago, a baby was born with Down Syndrome and he had a heart defect.
He came in a blink and immediately caught my eye I began to fear my feelings, because I was scared you would say bye The worry that filled me was diminished to nothing by my soul
Fear can be a paralyzing thing.It keeps us from taking risks,from putting ourselves out there,from making ourselves completely vulnerable.
Up on stage all lights and eyes on me and me alone Bare myself, my soul Choose me  my quiet heart voice whispers Thank you, next Callbacks Pitter-patter, hope List is up
Our world is full of complexity that we face competitively. One thing we dread is the future in our head.   "Hush!" the powerful say, wanting us gone far away. Quietly we move on,
not even a brokenheart just a forgottenheart   i just felt we we connected friendship of course, years of history us but more more ? i thought just from me though ?  
You’ve been waiting for this moment You swallow your pride and dignity You confess everything you’ve been wanting to say Just for a reply that he doesn’t feel the same way   Time stops
To the lord My Greatest Influence   You have taught me how to write in rhymes a story's scheme and to play my voice in rhythm.   Although my writings have been shamefully thrown out burned 
                          With feelings rushing throughMy body and mindTryin’ to express myself a million timesThrowin’ words aim at youTryin’ again was always my next move  
When I was lazy I thought I was as good as I could get I was weak I was strong I was motivated I was not “No”
Rejection. It hurts like a bitch. But sometimes rejection provides a greater picture to one's head. Rejection just makes me feel like I'm not worth love. Or happiness. Or even affection. And it's not the person who rejected me that hurts...
You'll have to forgive me for being stoic. But things won't work out, and I know it. When you offered me the trip of dreams, When my success you're quick to deem Imminent and sure,
I thought you wanted gold, Not silver, steel, or bronze. That's what I was told.   Oh, gold! That's worth a lot! All or nothing, not half For You, I was taught.  
The sort of familiar feeling of falling  Envelops me like it's always meant to  An ocean that only goes down Devoid of light and air and feeling  I find myself reaching (The surface is miles away)
Dear Angelique,     You’ve been on my mind for quite some time. When we last spoke, I don’t recall. I anticipate your presence,
Dear Swarth, You hurt me like a sharp, shining silver needle pricking my heart because we all know  it hurts the most when the pain is concentrated all in one spot.  
Stacy, I can still remember your gorgeous pearls, those devilish items revealed the greatest treasure for me. These riches could only be a girls. The pearls gave me a view into the sea,
Dear, Belinda  
  Light becomes day in the seconds come, Will sun have killed by pressing thumb; Thou wilt not ever to me prove That wantest me to be thy love.   Thy gifts are faded by discord
Dear Rejection,  
Bulletproof, she's just something you can't break through Cold as ice, don't get too close or you'll get frost bite She's fine china, with a wall around her you'll never scale
one breath, and i hesitate    another breath, and i freeze   a final breath, and i've fallen completely.  no one knows my name, cause you’d only call me beautiful and you touched me without  ever laying a hand on my body.  you're hearing me but ar
When we moved from Missouri to Oklahoma state We did not have a place of our own on that dateAnd so some local church members offered their guest house to us on a loan
A friend just asked me If I like anybodyAnd that one question Brought back memories of another time when That question ha
I guess the breakup was so bad because I had someone chosen OVER me. And you know, that really hurts because it boils down to someone thinking that you're not worth it.
Father is angry brother is crazy. Mama is worried but sister is perky.   Arguing constantly everyone hates me. Or I don't seem to matter anyways.  
There are softballs in my mouthWhen I look at youEach thought is another home run right into my front teethIt's supposed to be easier to say these wordsBecause I'm a girlI'm supposed to be open with my emotions
They say “Dream Big!” That any dream is possible if you work for it. So you value yourself and your worth on becoming that dream. And without realizing it, it doesn’t seem like a dream anymore.
look; i'm so, so sorry  i thought i'd made you proud.  not annoyed, i'm full of misery.  because i stood out in a crowd.  wasn't normal, didn't fit in. not in the future not even now.
I can do nothing other than dream                                           Of what we could have become
As I read the text, I am frozen in place. I’m crumbling inside, I’m fine mom, just give me some space. I can’t run or hide,
And his mama asks "what's wrong?" And he mumbles "nothing" And he runs to his room, And he bangs the door shut. And he sits on the floor by his bed, And he sticks his headphones in his ears,
A glance too long in the wrong direction. Addiction seeps into my core. Where is my fix?                                                                 Your Mind much too far from mine,
  At first she was No. Now, No was beautiful And no I’m not talking about that porcelain skin, straight hair thigh gap beautiful. no!
It's difficult to walk away from sunflowers,With their adoration and life spreadSo neatly across their features.But you do. Because, that adoration isn't for you.
I remember you well;Your hazel eyes and all.They burned with a rich fire,I'm dying to recall. You used to hold me tight,In your arms safe and sure.You'd caress my wild hair,Then a kiss would occur.
And now your heart is hurting And I feel it too As mine has always Been hurting for you
I look back and feel sad and then it makes me mad because you never considered what we could’ve had
I told you I loved you But you thought I was untrue Then you lost your composure And that’s how I knew our friendship was over
There's a brick wall that only we can see and it's my fault that it came to be. With a torch I set the bridge to flames and then looked for someone else to blame.
As I was staring up at the skies the wind blew you right through my mind I looked at the gaps between my fingers and realized your hands would fit perfectly into mine
It's very strange, The way some things change As it all goes by so fast and our poor hearts hardly ever last. You were a part of my happiness
Livin in a world, bound to go a little crazy But you wake up and paint on the face that they see People can be cruel and do cruel things Day after day you hear them, making people feel down
Has my heart fallen into the pits of dispair or have I still yet to learn the basic functionings of breathing Must I vouch for love for the sake of others as I
What is the true meaning of this SeLfy of SeLfme? All I really know is that it takes care of me. With its filters I change who I am, I am confident and free, but I am not me. So, Please SeLfie help me.  
Today I was rejected and it was the worst kind. It wasn’t from a boy, it wasn’t from a school, and it wasn’t from a job.   It was from a friend.  
I guess rejection makes the best lessons, not everyone understands my intrinsic quintessence.   In essence I guess I should've known, not to delve into the untold.  
In your hand, there is a spot In the middle of your palm Where my heart sits While you can squeeze
Just another night Just another night Thinking of you in the star light Without you i cant get through my days So theres no way imma make it tonight I thought of you When i saw a shooting star My wish was you would do the same But its just a shoot
I don't love you Thank God I don't love you You didn't break my heart But you did break something inside me How could you do this to me? You said you liked me You said I didn't need to be nervous
I used to think I couldn’t take love but what if it’s my love that’s too harsh?
“It is with deep regret that I write to inform you that the Admissions Committee is not able to offer you admission to our college”  
Who shut the door on you?Who shut the door that made you shy of raising your hand in class?Who shut the door that gave you the pleasure of living in complete solitude?
I'm running in endless circles Like a stupid little hamster Fully aware I'm getting nowhere I just can't let go of you Knowing you'll Never Want me Is the worst part
  Sometimes I hold my head in my hands and sink into the sheets teeth in a soft lip turned chapped too much pushing on me from all sides from nowhere
I was born with the sun in my teeth and hair with mercury pouring out of my fingers and toes Unburdened with the notion of needing to be anything at recess I practiced the sprinkler so I could be everywhere at once
Rejection letter came today And I should be upset Rejection letter came today And still I’m happy yet   For now it feels oh so real That I am now a writer And since I submitted another poem
She touches me and pulls away as if my skin is rotting flesh, littered with whirring, ravenous flies.   My skin, dark as the shroud that invades my bedroom every night
My past is full of hatred and disgust
"When you kissed me I didn't feel that you wanted to be loved. I felt that you needed it. Like the bonds holding you together would break And you would collapse through my fingers like sand
my family hates me, and i’m not adoptable 
So, I’ve got a boyfriend and you’ve got a girlfriend.He loves me like I love you like you say you love her. He’s a very good man and everything anyone could wish for. But the star I’m wishing on is different than everyone else’s. 
  Put on a Mask, No one will notice, It’s not like they would care   Put on a Mask, It is okay to hide, Your feelings you mustn’t share   Put on a Mask, Everything is fine,
Tis' not a poem of his sparkling eyes
If I could be That man you always dreamed I'de take you away high above the sea But truth to be told I can never be That guy I wish you could find in me   I wish I could say all I want to say
  Ew, you stink! Go away Take a bath, wear deodorant.
A Failure, A Reject, A Nobody. I will never again be Able to achieve my dream. Eventually, I will be Stuck here, doing nothing. I will never let myself be Put into a position like that again.
I place my hand on the screen I wish that you were here I sit and I wonder I pray and I fear   With every day that flies by My woes only grow
What do I do whenOpening my mouth to voiceTo carefully shape what I think are words of beauty to Your ears,I am flung roughly asideAnd, raising my headI find myself as aggravating background noise
As a child, I've always been hollow on the inside
sometimes I just don't understandhow the people who see how much love I have to offercan say, "I don't want it," and    turn   their   backs   on   me.
You would be the thickest chapterCited on the dedication page, tooFeatured throughout my table of contents, your name-the most proverbial word in my glossary
A tear drops from her eyes
Unuttered trembles are the blade my hands were born to reach and take
I called them my friends My close friends, my best friends,
The world's drift has remained a brisk No need for my broiling vessel Feelings paused in silence, but has yet to accomplish its surface Poster child been abandoned, no apprehension thus may say.
Fear of rejection   Been such a long time Since I’ve been home I feel like so long I was a mime
A tear falls down. Just one, then two. I hang my head to hide my face, But I know he stiffens, closes off, turns away, Avoids seeing me as he makes his rounds. Round and round the papers go,
You come into the world with at least one person  Your mother, and you leave alone. Between the time you come and go you're suppost to bond with other, Make connections,
Your ideas made me, desgined me. The paper was my womb and the ink nourished me. When i was ready, you P U S H H H H ED me. out. My spine showed my name. Given. My cover reflected you.
There's a lot that I'm thankful for, but there is one particular thing that I'll forever be thankful for. In my time of struggle, my aunt and uncle took me in, making me feel like one of their own.
I’d like to imagineI can still feel the sting of the day she let go;clipped my wings with a word and said, Fly. I’d like to imagineI can wax lyrical and triumphant one more night;
I'm choking on the taste of rejectionAnd, oh, how I savor the sweetnessEnough to make a grown woman break into tearsBut not meI stand firm... untouched... unfeeling...Do I love thisUltimate loneliness
If I were shorter, would you love me?Would you tuck me under your armOr notice me even less?
But she was looking past me At a big beautiful blooming tree She was in love with nature Not silly old me
I can't belive she looked at me, From cross the room I caught her stare, She blushed, And looked away, But I know what I saw, and what I saw was there.   The class bell rings, and class is over,
I wasn’t good enough,  Didn’t care about your stuff,  Couldn’t measure up,  Looked at the half empry cup,  And decided it was half full,  Bought into the lies and all the bull, 
how peculiar it isto barely know youand yet still physically feelyour bits of light, your bits of darkshifting my gut lowerto allow abundant spacein my chest for yourunintentionally planted seed
When I am with you time flies by.   I feel as if I was in a garden and you where the most beautiful rose, or as if  I was in heaven and you where a beautiful angel, but when it is time for me to say I
If hope is the thing with wingsSoaring higher and higher into an expanse-less skyFlying far beyond the horizon's edgeI would that I had flamesTo scorch these wings
My mind has been reborn. Ecstasy consumes me.
Rejection. Controlling me like a dictator. Powerful like Hitler or Stalin, yet it has no lips to speak, no eyes to see, no heart to feel, no brain to think, no limbs to move, no ears to hear... A horrid feeling.
It’s not the butterflies that tell you you’re in love, it is the pain. My heart aches for you while my mind tries to hide it. I do not care what anyone says, I love you, I can’t stop it, and I won’t.
A year has passed since last we were together, when the days were long and sunny, when I smiled a lot more. But after that day, when I learned the truth, about those feelings you have deep down,
Doubt is my destiny, faith my breath.To tomorrow, carefully I live, on pain of death.Interlocked fingers and combatting thoughts,It's love that lingers and the fear has been fought.
If all the trees went red,would you notice with your heart or your head? If all the sweets went sour,would you still devour? if all ends came with friends,would we want to mend?
I don’t love you as if you were the light to my night sky,   Or the light of a thousand suns that illuminate the heavens across space:   I love you ceaselessly without end or boundaries to abide by,
A story goes untold as life unfolds, trying to save a soul while mine is being sold, stormy nights in my soul this beauty gets old.
Like a repetitive note hidden in a melody Giving significance to the sky in its remedy Not hearing the flow from a space through a crack Unless the vibrancy is constant in its subliminal act
Her Heart beat is rising, while her tears are shining, why is she so ……..afraid The Obstacles are piling, her mind has stopped its smiling, I think she is……afraid
One step too close Face-to-face Nothing else matters But this moment today. Now only centimeters apart This crushing distance is closing And with one final spin, You decide to leave me abandoned.
Why do you think I argue? Why do you think I scream? It’s not because I hate you, And it’s not an evil scheme.
She stepped out of the car and quickly strutted her way to the classroom, avoiding as much eye contact as possible; Then, during the second that she looked up- the look that had to be made because she was tired of
Don't you hate, When you're the only one? Like that dried up raisin, In that 90 degree sun? Don't you hate, Just sitting alone? Like there's no one there To sit by you on your throne?
You’re on my mind all the damn time. I just want you gone, I just want you out. There’s nothing there from your end, just the emptiness of a friend.
It was never my intent to return to this place dark halls of betrayal, and lacking in grace Lustful intentions, like geysers of steam scald memories ‘neath mahogany beams
Time does not exist, only clocks. My body is a pendulum. The rubber soles ticking along the concrete so harmoniously as to measure out the perfect period.
Life, each turn Leaves you more lost than the first It's just something That's when it's bad, it hurts Not knowing how one day, will go That's the reason why we get up To suffer each day of it
She sits in a corner all alone. Another day of being bullied at school and home. Shes too thin. An anorexic girl. Shes too quiet. Scared of the whole world. Everybody hates her because she is different.
Love is watching someone dying, Their bodies slowly falling. Your heart an empty room, Walls of red dark like a tomb.
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