Dear Swarth,

You hurt me

like a sharp, shining silver needle pricking my heart

because we all know 

it hurts the most

when the pain is concentrated

all in one spot.


I fell in love with you 

the moment the green grass and tragicly beautiful trees came into my vision,

I fell in love with you

with all my soul and heart could possibly offer,

and stayed in love with you.

I fell in love with you

not too long ago,

or at least

that's what it felt like,

because only yesterday

you rejected me.


I could say that you left me





but I cannot lie.


Instead you ignited a scorching, fiery inside of me

At first I felt empty, yes.

But that vacant space 

filled with anger 

and most of all,


to work even harder

and rise back up,

even when my beating organ is aching. 


How did the quote go?

"If you truly love someone,

set them free.

If they don't come back, 

it wasn't meant to be."


With most love,


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