Forever At Your Side

As I was staring up at the skies

the wind blew you right through my mind

I looked at the gaps between my fingers and realized

your hands would fit perfectly into mine


And then I went to look for you

Because the longer we were far away

My feelings only grew and grew

they became so strong, and my heart was forced to obey


Upon arrival, I knew I was not what you wanted

I stared into the eyes of rejection

And I felt so dumbfounded

but even then I was not yet purged of your love infection


Maybe we were not meant to be

And so I swam far away into the tide
Because there's plenty of other fish in the sea
But yet there I was again, floating by your side


and again I stared into your ethereal eyes

because I knew, that despite what you said

despite the lies and attempts to push me aside

my feelings for you were still not dead


just know, my love, there is nothing you could do or say

that would make my feelings go away

there will forever be a place for you in my heart

Because no matter how far we fall apart

in my eyes, you will always be a work of art

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