A Bad Experience Brought To Memory By A Question

Sun, 10/15/2017 - 18:56 -- Beglad

A friend just asked me
If I like anybody
And that one question
Brought back memories of another time when
That question had been asked
At that time so long ago
The friend that asked
Led me unknowingly down a road
I will never forget
And will surely regret
By asking me many questions about
My like for her no doubt

He got me to start talking to her by instant message  

Without my parent's knowledge
And then he threatened to tell her how I felt

In order to keep the grapevine
From working overtime
I decided to tell her myself what I felt
So I sent her the message by text
Then waited for what would happen next
All the while being confident that
She would like me off the bat
And so I waited expectantly for her reply
And a simple ok with three dots was the reply

By this time
He had got over all his salt and brine
And was as my friend again
Since he knew her better than I as a friend
I told him she had only said ok
And he being the friend he was
Said that might mean I had found a bae
Because of my inexperience, I had total trust
In what he said
Not realizing the light had turned red
What he said gave me motivation
To go further into the intersection
And he knowing what would happen at last
Encouraged me to keep going fast

A little while later as I was stalking her youtube likes
I came across a video that interested me that night
A video of strangers kissing as a prank
So I told my friend about it
And when he heard he suggested that I take it to the bank
So in my foolish confidence in his advice, I asked her if we could try it
Her answer totally stunned me like a boxer on a mat
She said I don't like you at all like that
But when I told my friend about that convo he said
She can be that way one day and the next like you till dead
That is

How she is
So I being the persistent person I am
Kept up the asking for close to a year
When she finally got tired of my asking so queer
She brought it to my friend and his brother

Then something strange happened
My friend stopped being my Friend
He became my accuser
Even though I apologized to her
He brought it to my parent's knowledge
Which made me lose my media privilege
Then all my friends started treating me
Like a problem child while in reality
But no one knew who I really was
Nor what really was the cause
Besides God who gave me a fresh start
When all others labeled me as one with a bad heart
All because of the question
Do you like anyone

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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