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I taught you intimacy Showed you loved Unconditional, forever lasting. Will you forget the butterfly kisses when you lay with her?
It took me a long time to realize that sometimes you have to completely fall apart to beome the best version of you, And that even though you try so hard to control it, there is only so much that you can do.
There I saw this nervous butterfly Searching for a secure place to land To calm her tiring pair of colourful wings But scared and afraid to trust strangers Having disowned by her own little group
When sleep eludes me, What can I do? When wounds won't bleed, And those truths which I thought I knew, About myself, are no longer me; How does this crow fly in a sky which is no longer blue?  
What a beautiful day it would be  The butterflies roam free  No one to chase thee    A world without humans  Oh, what a day  it's a blessing upon us all or so we say   
He made butter fly And turned dragons to flies!
The butterfly in the wind   I open my eyes but I do not see anything.Everything is so dark, not a hint of a light!  
Painted walls, guide my rough fingertips Cracked movements trip my aloof mind, Feeling distinct Familiar even, A cool autumn breeze runs up my spine, Prickling my skin into reality.  
With a flutter of its wings the butterfly has drawn me in, The drizzle of the nectar sweetens the pull of when, The beautiful creature has to speed its search,
Change. My life is change. It is, Language, Feeling like an outsider in a foreign context yet being amazed by the unique utterance. An experience,
Head down in a book, Hiding my braces, Fearing they may look, Always so abrasive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Head high like a rook, Not afraid of their gazes, Have them by the hook,
All my life, fear has controlled me. The fear of not being successful, not being good enough, and disappointing the ones we love most.
Butterfly, small, frail Wings folded, paused in thought; Peace for a moment  
There was a butterfly blue as it can be. The butterfly flew past me but I did not see the wing. It landed on the shell looking colorful to me.
From afar I saw it, Flying with its gorgeous wings Among the flowers But when I touch it, It flew away   The butterfly is just like you,
I really miss the every second smiles, the feeling in my stomach when I laugh so hard it feels like I exercised for once. I miss you. The person who made me smile every second and laugh so hard  I almost pee. 
Ezekiel. (ee-zee-kee-yuhl). A Hebrew prophet from Babylon, known for his faith. Name Meaning: “Strength in God.”  
I cry each time I see a butterfly because you aren't here to tell me to be strong. You were there, walking beside me, as my hands shook and I felt so hollow inside, screaming "I can't do it!"
Hello butterfly, What's brought you here to me? It must have been my emptiness, For I'm alone, you see. I live my days in darkness,
I thought you’d smell like butterflies- like the tip of a lollipop-stained tongue, baby’s breath and bleached teeth- so I inhaled you like a pixie stick  and
Butterfly, Butterfly If I had your wings My dreams would get bigger the places Id go but knowing my luck I'd be caught in a net So I'll turn off the light and crawl back into bed  
 Fluttering within my clasped hands, I fear her wings may break; Wings of violet and ruby, a beauty he did make. A moment more I steal to gase upon her delicate splendor, soaking in her features so that I will remember. With trepidation I release
A butterfly so beautiful, with wings so unique.Fluttering quietly; with not much purpose, other than to be looked at in awe. This exhilarating being happen to land on my shoulder. At that moment, I could only question my very existence.
If a butterfly flaps it's wings in Texas 
I waited for Love, Love in infinity. So I think of Butterflies, how their wings glister through the sunlight and their multicolor eyes catch you in yours
it comes alive in the nightand growslike a bonfiresmoking dreams offalse tomorrows.but like me, we know tomorrow's a mysteryfilled with uncertainty and butterflies that fly 
It was a face. Two eyes. A nose. A mouth. A person with developed organs. Someone's daughter. Broken down into nothingness. A dead carcass.
It floats in on the breeze, to try to gain it is to chase the wind. you cannot work towards peace, you have to be willing to surrender.
I once liked butterflies, because you did. I was enchanted, because I knew I couldn't hold you. One day you would fly away and say "Hold me like you love me". I did. Fuck, at least I tried.
When the universe was arranged, All creation from a bang, Every grain, Every cell, Every atom flew out. And like all matter careened about,
Metamorphosis; The process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form In two or more stages.   Metamorphosis; maturity. Caterpillars that eat their knowledge out of Milkweeds
blood drips down your wrist, Immediately, tears well up in my eyes as if they have been there my whole life. I begin to ask how you can do it, but i know. I begin to ask you why you do it, but I know.
I'll fly away again High in the sky toward migration. As civilizations increase Our species continues to weep. The more land you conquer Forces more stress And Less flowers.
  To Pimp a Butterfly
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It's like locking up a butterfly in a cage. It'll fly around feeling trapped looking for freedom.
As I stand in the sunshine in the garden by the little shrine, My Nonna’s little shrine of humble fig trees, And look at the vast blue sky,
Dangling slow from groping hands,Gently aflutter, wing'ed lace is limp.Tired wings flitting, once grand.How wrinkled and red and crimped.Would they blame nectar? Would they blame
A blue butterfly
A butterfly flies into the blue sky.
Creepy, crawly, furry little train fellow, Looping up and looping down, Giggling on your wiggling way. Chew, chew, and do chew some more!
I look for beauty, love for beauty... But don't really know what is beauty... People say what appears in face and body... Good looking that pulls towards you is beauty... Is this beauty?
Butterfly change Let your beautiful colors be seen Let your wings go free It’s time to come out To share your beauty To bring some joy To spark some fun It’s time to fly high in the sky
Fragile as the flight of a butterfly,Is this love that lives in constant fear.Ready to fight for its desires
Fly away, Butterly Spread your wings
I have something of yours I know it's been awhile, but better late than never, right? That's why I'm at your door. Not for you, but for me to move on. I cannot carry them for you anymore.
I once read "A butterfly cannot see the beauty of its wings," and it really got me thinking. Is there really someone out there who finds me worth seeing? Am I more than just a thorn
The naive caterpillar twists in all directions That's what I love the most That's right, follow the path you think is best Shout away all your frustrations any day, Every day, 'Cause it's never too late.
The walls are black and the lines are blue The curtains are draping around you, For judgments there is no measure or amount But for understanding-
I am a human being; I am loud and happy but, inside I’m sad and lonely.
As the seasons evolve from a frozen cocoon of isolation into a warm veil of life, I find myself awakening anew.  Throwing aside my crystallized prison I climb high upon the twig sensing there is work to do.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders , Not in the eyes of the negative talkers. Try to avoid those people for they are walkers , Walkers among valley of death , negativity. The world is filled with aggressivity ,
Do my eyes decieve me or they playing tricks with my mind?
My mother is a butterfly. Beautiful and fragile And incredibly important to my way of life. Her blue eyes sparkle and shimmer Like gossamer wings And just as a soft touch can have A crippling effect
Awaken am I  as the sunlight from outside greets my eyes  
Even the darkest of nights see the sun on the horizon. Even the meanest of craetures admire the butterflies. Even the dark side of the moon sees the stars shining bright.
Spread your wings and follow your destiny. Open your eyes and see the reality. Close your eyes and see what could be. Flap your wings and fiollow the path. Evolve into a beautiful butterfly. You've crawled low and miserably for too long.
An egg on a leaf Begins to gap open and half   I lift out my meager green crown And consume the shell   I creep to the border And devour my leaf  
Butterflies can't give kisses. They cannot kiss me goodnight  They cannot hold me in their arms.  You used to do that.  You told me Butterfly kisses never went away.  You did. 
The tears wouldn't stop A waterfall of dark choices                                          Yet beautiful Rumors went around  Of the dark curse that was set upon me Demonic eyes of judegment
The butterfly that flits about Bringing joy to everyone Never stopping But once gone, Her absence goes unnoticed
Te extraño mariposa, Tengo frio ahora. Quiero el sol en mi vida, Te amo mi mariposa preciosa. Dónde estás? Te necesito. No sé dónde es, Yo sueño pero están muy lejos.
We are not machines.We are not all one being.We may look at the same things but interpret those same things differently.We are not machines.
The butterfly flys My butterfly fly with me I will fly with you
You mean when a caterpillar liquefies itself into a butterfly?      Just melting in ice   Or the transformation within the belly from embryo to a bundle of joy?     Cute cuddly darling.  
So i took a couple pulls to keep me sanethis music numbing my brain why?you're asking about the vybz or the tree?I dont know.. it's not for everyone but it's for me.
  A butterfly lands perched upon its conceit palace.  As his wings sway in the gentle breeze of things. He has the wind beneath him.  The word beneath that.
A loud voice can do many things. It can free a caterpillar. My words stayed small for so long and no longer will they hunger for excape.  I fought through the jungle of my mind and freed my thoughts from it's captors.
Five butterflies whirr around my head-- playing catch-me-if-you-can with each other's glowing, neon flutter. I'm elated to see these spectacular creatures in orbit around me,
If I die tomorrow Burry me with rose petals So I can think about the flower If I die tomorrow I want to be that black butterfly that was in her window I want to show her what it feels like to be free
Light catches the wings of the butterfly And makes it sparkle and shine Watch as it flies across the sky Wings flapping, flapping, flapping I catch glimpses of you after play time Or after eating a meal
Somehow, she holds a delicate balance in the air. Not graceful— she tips as if filled with sloshing, sweet water— but she stays above the dirt until she's found her niche
I lie in bed awake at night Empty inside Wanting to grab onto something But not knowing what
On a small sunshine covered leaf A little white egg rests, Listening to the words of the wind And waiting to begin earth’s tests.
More than meets the eye Floating precariously, Body beckoning: "Who needs to sting like a bee, When you could just float like me"
For my loving heart began to open just as the petals Awaiting for a bee to come and find me Alas, the buzzing ceased but a lonely caterpillar came to thee
Practically weightless, yet, it weighs on your shoulders. You either have it or you don't. You have enough or you don't You're not addicted.. Yet, you need it.
The creature scared and common in the dark isolated cave is crying.
dancing out of reach she twirls away, elated just to be alive color on the wind, the children cannot catch her try as though they might
Butterfly baby, traveling way too fast. Uncertianity is her future; Darkness haunts her past.
A butterfly's warm glow, as she navigates through the air. Her gentle wing beats flow, with a grace all her own. A butterfly's vivid hues, will catch the eyes of any. Her colors vary from reds to blues.
A maggot can change, but no more than a fly Starts off in its filth and takes it to the sky Can’t wish to be the caterpillar, that’s naturally pretty Evolving into the butterfly, a thing of pure beauty
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