Pretty Little Butterfly

I really miss the every second smiles,

the feeling in my stomach when I laugh so hard it feels like I exercised for once.

I miss you. The person who made me smile every second and laugh so hard 

I almost pee. 

I look back at pictures and the memories fly through me like a butterfly, so pretty,

you never wish it to leave your sight.

Growing up so fast. It's been way too fast. Just yesterday, we were little girls, 

and so happy. 

Everything ahead of us seemed so much better and bright, but our pretty butterfly

flew out of sight. 

It all seemed so exciting. All we wanted was to grow up, but now all we want 

to do is go back. Go back to the days where crying didnt happen so often, anxiety

had not seen the light, and reading love poems didn't tear at the strings of our hearts

I miss my best friend that laughed at me in the way that would cause a bunch

of little pretty butterflies to fly in my tummy. I felt so special that a human was glowing

because of me. The one person who always thought I looked beautiful. 

Whether i was stuffing my face, my breath smelled, or I looked like a walrus, she still

found a way to smile at me.

I wish there wasn't distance between us and that the only thing between us was the air.

However, there's a lot of miles between us and just like when a pretty butterfly

flies away, life isn't fair. 




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