a monarch butterfly with a raincoat


My life is change.

It is,


Feeling like an outsider in a foreign context yet being amazed by the unique utterance.

An experience,

Idiosyncratic moments to record in journals embellished with Lisa Frank stickers.

A New York City bus,

Creating deep curiosity in me for what I will see, I’m not sure if I’m on the right bus, yet I wonder.

A pair of headphones,

Transporting emotions through my veins while I'm on a plane to another wonderland.

A road trip,

I don’t know what I will be facing but at the end of the day, it’ll be worth the adventure.

A window,

Transporting and reflecting experiences in and out which I would have never had if I had shut myself against the bipolar weather I faced in each divergent milieu.

It is a Monarch Butterfly with a raincoat,

An intangible resistance to the raindrops trying to knock it down during its life cycle of migration.


I want stability.

I want stability within change.

I want to be able to treasure unique utterances that won’t disturb my lifestyle yet will elevate curiosity in me.

To have experiences that remain and don’t vanish among the big fat clouds I pass by in every relocation.

To make spontaneous decisions that will add value to my life but will not modify it completely.

To own a pair of headphones to remind me to appreciate where I came from and rewind memories that made me who I am.

To go on a road trip solely to discover, rather than trips to the international gateway never to come back.

To watch the sky change emotions through a window without taking it personally.

And lastly, to be a Monarch Butterfly,

Now resilient to the rain that no longer needs a raincoat, who rather chooses to embrace the raindrops through its journey.


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