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Dear Xae,  I have been thinking about letters recently, I find it unfortunate that no one writes them anymore,  No one even writes love letters anymore,
The path has never been a straight one, 
Tingling sensations oing through my ear and your distinctive lips draws me near. Vibrations going through me bed. Is this love or lust instead? Wake up early in the morning and i'll be here
I linger I stare I play with your hair that shines in the sherbet sky my eyes burn yellow and orange I've forgotten you've scorned any notion of touching you
Almost everything in daily life You're there We were there We listened to this We sang to that We ate here There We kissed here We just talked there You liked this
I really don't need your shit I don't want it Don't have to take it Don't need to hear it   I live with the memories of the past What I've done What I've said Who are you to remind me
Being left all alone After all the effort put in The effort wasn't noticed It was that or a step forward Many steps back I could say there were times when I didn't care I won't like
I remember a little about  that cousin in Rikers I remember a little about  each relationship
To my desire,   As I look over these words that I’ve wasted on you, I realize that I’m only causing the forests’ destruction. Why should I care if you don’t love me?
Is it the way you look at me when i'm mad Or maybe is it the way I smile when I sad You bring out the better side of me  Even though you make me mad when you test me My pride tries to stand in the way 
My two little windows look out on the world Seeing things that it cannot explain To to light in the attic, the windows exclaimed, "What is it we see?" To which the light said “Love.”
Metal, plastic, wood, and flesh
Two idiots      sneak off after school      to cuddle.    They park     at Wawa and crawl     in back.   Lying together,      listening to sleepy music, 
Now, may I love you evermore through space and endless time? The thought of life without you might keep me from another rhyme. So will you give me the honor of using your left hand?
I love the way you look at me, I love the way you smile, I love the way you laugh at me, I love your quirky style. I love the way you bite your lip and play with my hair,
Crashing down,falling hardBroken dreams, broken heartI guess I'm not really sure where to startPicking up after your goneWide awake at night, listening to our old songs
If love were something that could walk and speakIt’d do such as you doIf dreams were something that could take shapeMine would live as youFor dreams do not always cause you to smile
This was never about love Or the romantic notion That you still cared for me. It wasn’t in some doomed attempt To get me back like I might have hoped Those short few months ago
Your demeanor fooled me. Thug hood hard ass sending chills down  my spine I despised you at first glance
My life is miserable like yours
I wanted to tell you how I feel, But I don't want you to run away; For the ones who I care for and love the most
Fly.  What are you thinking?  Me?  If you were here, what would I say?  I've imagined it more than  I've breathed. If you were here... The hypothetical. Then reality. 
If you dusted my skin for fingerprints you would find a multitude of people have touched me in all of the most
I used to be different The world was brighter I always had a smile  Nothing could bring me down
The thoughts and feelings, even the tears and dreaming,
You are so close to my heart. You completely skipped the start. We turned into a thing, So unexpected, so beautiful, so strange. You are 800 miles away, but it'll all be okay, One Day.  
I may not always show it or speak it when I say I really like you
People from across the globe fall in love from house to house or thousand of miles away Never meeting except online what if you met that person face to face would all those feeling come flooding back
My heart was about to be broken But you came just in time You saved me from falling My heart belongs to you
No, that wasn’t a euphemism for Anything, you have a dirty mind. I keep reminding you to buy milk but All you do is write in my books, My first editions of going nowhere,
Something about loving a person makes me smile.
One month Four weeks Twenty eight days. A lifetime in a moment, two heartbeats in a second. First week of the semester you were there Skating in and out of my vision. I noticed, but didn't pause
in this moment, I did die. the smile on your lips. the soft touch of your skin. the twinkle in your eye. in this moment, I could die. the sound of your breathing. the rhythm of your heart beating.
Look Here N, You stole me Yes for the very first time someone has stolen me in years But please know I’m very fragile and have high self-esteem And unlike the body I live in I don’t have any fears
Am I wrong to think about you like this? Will I open up your skies? You would say no and walk away pissed But you know I know I hear your cries We have the same heart same beat
I think that is a good question C+N? Will it ever work while I hurt and think about you Knowing that the love I have for you might be true But it doesn’t come back to me boo I guess I’ve lost the argument
EVERYDAY LOVE   Because she lights up my life Every day and every night,   I wish I could make her my wife
Remember when you used to say that you wanted t
The name N goes so far He really does he’s like Jafar Giving him promise, my times, and even my attention It’s like he’s got full dominance Beautiful green eyes like emerald seas
I hope you think of meas you are flicking through old moviesas you are kissing lips thinnerfar thinner than my ownas you are hearing words that triggerpast text messages exchanged
once i love you it can't be changed no matter what the out come is me  and you R one forever
loving you isn't the hardest part lossing you is the worst part but not being able to see you feel you love  you this hurts me the most      
A sweet glow follows his every glance, My seductive love heats the land.  While we spin around enjoyuing the dance,  My love travels the world holding my hand.  Bringing cheer to fauna and flora, 
I opened up my narrow sighted mind In hopes that it was you that I find with my luck the sun will not shine you continue to give me no signs   the rain pouring down it hurts my ears 
Two broken souls, Lost at sea, Will find each other, When it’s meant to be. But for now, They search and search For a love that burns bright. They look at the same sky,
You told me you loved me, Those words sounded like honey to my ears. I let myself fall. I didn't realize until I hit the ground, that they weren't honey at all. They were poison to my mind.
Off in the distance there was a land across the sea,
This is specifically directed to you. You may not be here to hear my words, But as long as the words exist, As long as the words have been spoken And they are directed to you It doesn’t matter.  
I thought you was the one, I swear to god I thought I thought you was the one, and now i'm just to myself thinking and linking what did I do wrong so you could not even say so long you was gone, told me you would be here and ten years from now,
  To smell to breathe to feel to be alive This are my greatest joy Knowing i can smell your scent Knowing i can breathe what you percieve Knowing i can feel your warmth, your touch
I was put on this earth for a mission, and my massion was to find you. I have completed what God wanted me to do. I never thought that it would be for a short period of time.
You bring out the love in me. The tsunami of emotions in me The tornado of desires in me As you leave me tremble in my knees You bring out the colonized Colonized by love
love me I love you
Into your heaven drifts your lonely pen. You sketched me a beautiful sky. In shapes and clors not colored in, your maniatic illusion is addicting. Mix together your deepest emotions on the palette of my skin.
The life in your eye, the tenderness of your skin. Your breath on my neck, that trembles me within.
A lover's Dance is patient and caring it nourishes the heart, soul and mind. It bring you deligh and bliss within knowing that he will be with you through thick and thin.
you think that holding someone tight will  bring them closer             not a regular tight             tighter than that close enough that you are him  and she is you
You take the affection I give you
You are all I need, and you are all I ever want... 
I am more in love with you now than I've ever been And all I have is a folder of pictures saved on my phone And right now you are exactly 719.6 miles away from me Yet every night I feel like you're next to me
You are the smile on my face You are the tears that cascade down my silken cheeks You are the bubbles of laughter that escape my lips You are the gut wrentching sobs that pass through my mouth 
Things I [don't] want you to know: • Sometimes I sit in my closet and stare at the amount of clothes I have. And it makes me sick to think I'm so lucky when really, I don't like being alive.
Oh the joy of my world The man of my dreams  He is what i dream every night  
"First step's so called education, next we bring assimilation. We keep you passified so you will follow" Send out the soldiers & fill up the prisons, Stand in line for superficial pleasures
I packed a bag for a perfect day, Of course my mind's camera also came,
Oh Love! Oh Love! | Thou hast made its way | Through centuries of Father Time | Doing the usual, taking it day by day. | You've moved from the Bible days | To the Olden days | To the Present maze | Into our Future gaze.
Bacon is tasty Bacon is fun when it comes to awesome it's second to none.
You're a note sent from heaven, To this battle field in hell. I wish I could kiss you here and the worries farewell.   Every letter written carefully By a steady hand in ink.
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