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Missing someone.A mother, a mentor, an adored one.Whose love I relished since i was a little one,The best teacher, to me she's the ONLY ONE!
She rises with the morning, She lights all that she sees, Her warming rays embrace me, Reminding me of my worth.   She never stops her shining, She dries all of my tears,
You have taught me more than you will ever know more than you will ever be aware. This is a thank you for all you have for me from letting me get to know you and seeing that  you care.
Teach me, love.   Anger envelops me, I never resist it. This type of behavior will lead me to felonies. Please stain my memories. Teach me forgiveness.
Look, beyond, a girl awaits,Walking through a sea of grass.She twirls and sings within the green,Her voice so clear as crystal glass.Her hands, so gentle as a dove,Around she fingers reaching stems.
My eyes move across the page, Soaking in each colorful word. Carefully crafted living poetry Enters my mind in a torrent.  
Just one look was all it took. My mind was shifted and I was hooked. I dont even know this boy but he motivated me with just one look.
It's cold          I'm frustrated Thinking of quitting Yet, he's my stronghold    Take a deep breath Examine the scene Hold it all in It's not life or death  
Your love is like rainwater Swimming down my face. You, my love, Have been my saving grace.   I can’t thank you enough For just being you. For being patient, strong, steady,
A glistening crown placed on the top of her head Her lioness quality sleeps soundly in a bed She speaks her mind so outspoken her kind is hard to find She guides and leads and gives me direction
At a time of indecisiveness, I was lost and unsure. It was a year when I felt the pressure and anxiety Of not knowing what I wanted.
  As students, we all have that guiding hand: One who helps us understand The path on which our lives will sail, The direction in which we’ll prevail.
Homestead arrival and Another greeting by routine The plan laid out Simple and clean
It’s not easy having a 9 to 5, Not easy taking crap from people , Whose value isn’t any less greater than your own. It’s not easy reading three computer screens,
  It’s the small moments in life that change your life forever I am thankful to have lived through that moment
Mentor an experienced and trusted adviser. Key word Trust.
Her name was Blue. Not for originality, her parents were too clever for that. It’s rather for the reflection of her eyes, displaying our earth, our universe, our entangled minds.
There are angels who bathe in colors Painting hues of sadness and drops of courage Upon a blank canvas waiting to be explored Marked by the handprints of babies learning to crawl
L.C. S.H. E.S. A.S. Mentoring me to my most marked moments.  Love of dear friends is showing me to the path of happiness. I am grateful for the bound of blessings you each have bestowed on me.  
He taught me math, the hallowed path, My tutor, since Grade 1, Taught too to dare in Science Fairs,   Good many have I won.  Taught me to write, with words ignite, Use sparks to start a flame, When arguing your argument,   Must words an insight fr
The world is a wolf, snatching innocence and feeding on the shortcomings of others. A child with mindless ignorance enters the woods; a blank slate. They look upon the faces of those around them, observing and repeating.
I am one of over 100 You see You are one of only seven I see Five days a week 45 minutes a day
Talented, graceful, insightful, and smart That’s what you are to me Your choreography was a work of art  
This person is a face at bedtime. This person is your show at screen time. This person is the light you never knew you needed.   When you don’t know what to do, They will show you.
For you, I pray I pray for your sun filled days that do creep upon you that your smile will blossom other flowers  I exhale and breathe in the seeds you plant Oh Planter  Thank you For you, I pray
Because you were friends with a couple of Britons, Because you wanted to help girls help their country and others, Because you founded Girl Scouts.  
Abandon the thought held on only by doubt You’re allowed a few mistakes as you figure yourself out
You've been my fan, you've been my teacher You've been my friend, you've been my preacher I've learned some valuable lessons from you From your words and the things you do I hope I don't leave and let you down
Even when I was small Ignorant of the world Unaware of what real life was, You gave me the strength to face it; To face adversity To face pain To face the unknown. Without your guidance,
I never knew the path I followed, I never knew how close I'd walk, I never knew my life was broken, I never knew my dad was not Taught me how to be myself, taught me how to read and talk
My hair stands My body shakes from its cold breath It meets me around every corner And it makes me long to learn more from it It is fear.   Fear has made me want to learn more about my past
Oh the great sea How it rocks to and fro Carrying its children Up above and deep below They are all loved, by the ocean held in its embrace
It is late on a Sunday, my hair in a rut. Anyone else might have left but you, you would not.    Through thunder through rain,  you teach me to live meanwhile, healing my pain. 
My Buddy. He's gone. My Pal. He's gone. My Coach. He's gone. My Example. He's gone. My Support. He's gone. Cancer, I hate you. His Pain. It's gone. His Suffering. It's gone.
Standing, eyes watching my every move, faces dull by the awaiting speech The room silent... sufficating, the sound of the air con is heard is one of the two sounds that is heard
How to thank someone    to whom I owe everything?  The silent struggle   with this new stranger    unable to trust    my heart crying, “danger”.  The silence stretched     in a power struggle     while I stared at the wall    not moving a muscle. 
All the times you’ve made me smile, All the things you’ve done for me, I couldn’t thank you with any words, You deserve every apology. We make things so much harder, The boat is rocking,
He is the best of the best. No one can compare. "Too bad he's just a dumb pancake," they say. But he's not. He's more.   He is a creator. He tells stories, Builds worlds,
There seems not to be enough time in the day, nor moments where I can offer you my praise. But now that I have taken some time, I simply wish to say,
Hi Gramps, It’s me again. I just wanted to tell you  That I love you. And That you’ve shown me
You wouldn’t think His eyes would shine so bright Beneath those clouds that fog his sight But they’ve been aglow since ‘25 You wouldn’t think he would be so kind
Your percussion becomes a domed playground, And I'm swept by the cacophony of your sound. The cry of the violins moves me to tears, And you soothe my fears through all the years.
You creeped inside my mind, in one instance and over time.   I felt you in my sleep, with each breath I couldn’t keep.   You hid inside my brain, and I wore a mussel of your shame.   
You are  music to many. You teach  You inspire You love You are  a song on repeat.  
Thank you. Dear Love, I thank you. Without you, I would not be where I am today. Without you, none of us would have found our place.   You are the Master of the Universe,
To ask of my Mentor, Is to ask quite a thing.  To ask of my Leader, Compels me to sing.   His power and glory Can't be known to the world.  His love and His kindness
  I am scared, you hold my hand. I have anxiety, you soothe my fears. I feel overwhelmed, you offer me solutions. I am sad, you make me laugh. I need to talk, you always listen.
I remember you.You’re foggy but I do. I remember you being bossyand I remember loving it, needing it,Guiding me barefootthrough our woods, always so mossy.  I remember stealing Kool-Aid in dry measuring cups-mine a quarter, yours a half and hiding
When I was a little girl I would obsess over the horses. I decided to dance instead,  But they never left my mind.    As the years went on I felt like I was different from the rest.
I’m just an empty husk without You:   Striving without ever thriving, Running hard but never arriving, Dragging my way through life, only surviving, Wishing I could run and hide.  
Dear Helena, My work is incomplete without you. Your minstrel voice which used to sooth is westward now, But I remember the spirit you brought and so do the paitents.
I ran away from myself, paid no heed to my faults and saw all my actions as justified. Until you clasped my hands around a pen and told me to write. We, wrote a list. Another and then a third.
Allow me to express my deepest gratitude In words deep from in my soul You are always there when I wake up And the first one to answer when I call You taught me how to open my heart
While i fumble my words  my eyes dart to the ground, but I feel the touch of your soft warm hands pushing my head towards the sky. Your booming dialect guides me through the deep dark corners.
Trauma trapping, tripping Over the roots that I have grown In the back of my mind To conduct oneself like so
It's always been an educator.
American made behind bars of bone Freedom buried deep in the marrow Huddled around a trove of syllables rather left untouched
Before grit or tears When life was lived in a misty cloud of pink and baby blue You were the Gondolier Who swept me safely away
Trapped in my own tempest You guided Becoming my hope to safeness I sailed Turning my darkness to light I travel
Darkness, darkness, why do you love me so? I beg you to leave, yet you will not go. I dig in my nails, jagged and frail, To the bed I’m stuck, to no avail,
The way you make me feel is regrettable You are controlling You have way of getting to me Getting under my thick skin Scratching at my darkest most inner thoughts Telling me to do things against my own will
Six sparkling crystals fell to the floor The tiara was more crushed than before Fear struck the chords of her heart How could she fix the tiara that had fallen apart
Silence. Pure and refined silence. I struggle to find meaning in the sounds. To make music is to paint a picture with no canvas. A lone hand embraces my soul; Gripping me, carrying me, holding me.
My grandmother  An old woman who has lived out her days being generous and kind My grandmother Giving her time and life to us  My grandmother
To most people, a mentor, is a person Mother, father, brother, sister family or friend Rarely are they anything else My mentor neither lives nor breathes; She does not speak or sigh,
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Q-uality time that we have spent together A-chievemnet that you have conqueredD-irection that you have given meE-ndless conversations we have had about the futureE-mpathy that you have shown me when I was in need R-espect that I have for you and y
A knock comes at my door But I’m absorbed. They ask to come back, reality calls But I’m not ready to leave my nap; to fall I’m absorbed in this fake reality It’s a burning need
Her sleeves of compassion juice my mind Materalism tears seem to grow wings of kind this rain waxes new worlds oh the juice of my brain Set my sample fantasies on blind edge, broken heart
You were in and out of my life for as long as I can remember In a place, you might as well call home Three walls, behind bars, all alone You made friends whose names were pen and paper
Truthfully you're a vampire, You must be thousands of years old with centuries of knowledge Yet you decided to come to my school. With all those centuries of ideas
The first three months, sitting in your office eating candy from a ridiculous orange couch I didn't know your name.    Then I couldn't imagine how important to me you'd be.   
A grandfather you have beenStony character but with a heart of loveHonesty principle you portrayedNever halting to all the challengesThe commanding responsibility you gave
Atelophobia, I am alone, Atelophobia, they do not like what I become Atelophobia, you hold my hand  and you tell me you love me, Atelophobia is the fear that I will disappoint you.  
Oh mentor of mine, You are my valentine, Oh wait. I'm lying. Thats ok you lie too, You had me I had you, I needed sleep , You lulled me. You needed ears, And I tuned in.
faced with indecision    i always turned to you for a frank discussion           about what i should do you never answered with derision                 but advised with great repect
At five o'clock in the morning, On a bright Saturday, When everyone else is still at rest, The Man With The Shovel is long gone, Working to provide for his family in anyway he can.  
At five o'clock in the morning, On a bright Saturday, When everyone else is still at rest, The Man With The Shovel is long gone, Working to provide for his family in anyway he can.  
In eighth grade, I was new and alone. The best part of my school day was when I got to go home. There were things about me that most teachers didn’t approve of,
When I was a kid, I loved to write. I wrote the stars into the sky, the smile on my mother’s face. I wrote the words that my soul whispered
You who made this beautiful world Colors vibrant and colors bold.  Are you anything like the stories they told In the days of old?  In the days far past,  Below seas of glass  Or above the sky so blue?
Wayward students bobbing aimlessly Wanderers, idle, unfocused, undisciplined “heads up keels down; keep your bearing” Vigilant and watchful - ever watchful
  Her humane heart beat ajar, Poor child, being a false saint, Combat booted feet in tar. Searching for the dullest star,
Lead.  To lead and to guide To show and experience and be the light Taken under your wing I am thrown  into a new, alien world in which  everything screams 'opportunity'
You always keep watch, never lead me astray Your hands hold and guide me, they light up my way.   You've shown me what love, really looks like It's a constant daily battle, never giving up the fight.  
My mentor is the gentle hand that guides me away from the "wrong" crowds. My mentor is the tutor that taught me that those mistakes aren't always the end of the world. 
  Thank you for always being by my side, When all the others would trudge all over me Thank you for crying with me, When all the others would just chuckle,
In the beginning it wasn’t all playgrounds and curly slides But rather husbands at my moms blue bedside  No long term relationships  But now I know what it is No comfort in stability
You helped me on my first day of school when I was crying in the hall not wanting to go in You helped me when I was 12 and I needed a shoulder to cry on after all the hurt and betrayal I faced from  fellow classmates and people I
ever since you were a young girlyou showed loveample amounts of loveto everyone who stumbled upon your broken path.this world has b
The element of Surprise: Su. What I felt when I first walked into the Art classroom, exposed to a new environment. The element of Acceptance: Ac. What I felt when I turned in my first Commercial Art assignment.
When I was young, You were already there in my world,  Invisible but broad in other ways, And I've always wondered why you stayed, When all you've done is give, And I'll I've done is take.  
My greatest mentor led me to befriend: 
My greatest mentor led me to befriend: 
A person you trust Gives a quiet hush With nothing to had, to love or to lust The person you know, gives a quiet hush
My mentor was trappped in another world in my tormentors PTSD, Anxiety, Depression a supression of myself I've stuggled against it, I've tried to deny them It made me feel as though I didn't fit.
You admired I For being your little princess Your happiness Your last words were "Thank you" But have you ever thought How much you have achieved for me Have you realized
Eyes full of wonder a new world awaits but soon the light  begins to fade   Trapped in thought in constant fear burrowing deep into my mind   I find myself  in a hole
Sailing on the sand I know the dangers up ahead My mind is on and ready My heart is leading fully   Sailing on the sand
She wakes up in the early morning, ready to face the day. She takes up the mantle of momma bird, something she does everyday.  
  My momma is flash She backstop me and trash  Obstacles, and smash Stuff in my way.   Always behind me She find me, I up or I down.  With ugly homework Her encouragement 
I never was eager, To see you that early. You always seemed to smile, When I found myself nothing but idle. But I never found it annoying, rather, I found it very reassuring.  
The close leaders in my life Always fail and disappoint The distant leaders in my life Do not recognize my existence   The matriarchs of my family
I was lost and alone, Hopeless and afraid, Storms raging, endlessly... But I lit my own torch! I Braved my own storm! The mentor I had.....  Was ME.
Every car ride Music on the radio Filled my ears, And every day Music of my own Filled my free time. I wrote, Song of happiness, songs of sorrow. I wrote for myself,
Of all the choices I have made having you be a part of my life was most definitely not one of them.   Yet, you proved to be the most useful and most grateful thing in my life.  
You won’t make it  The world cries I will she deters Tears threatening her eyes   With your skin so dark 
If only I could travel back through time, where life starts to go trough hell fire and flame. For when I finally started to aim, I lost my future's grip and could not climb. I would catch myself and all my glory,
My mother spoke to me in terms of flowers   She spoke to me in sunflowers, Tall, strong, and always reaching upwards   She spoke to me in the stem’s of wild garlic,
Eyes dull, downcast No longer looking for acceptance Reserved heart as you begin class And then weeks pass A spark! How? This free space you carved for each dull, downcast eye
When hearing the phrase "O Captain, My Captain" I can only think of one person to fit this criteria. Robin Williams is and was the only person to accurately portray what it was like to struggle
From the moment of my birth My first everything was with the fam My ma and pa, my first teachers What do you mean to me? I got my morals from you And so much love to share with the world
His hands were callused and tough,  The fruits of his labor evident in his work. Guiding and building his craft, Teaching me from mistakes he made in the past. "Find your dream and hold on to it,
Heart teeming with love, liver soaking in booze; rough around the edges, tender to the core: the dichotomy of you.  
Small. I began as a shy and scared student. But you slowly brought me from the shadows and taught me to be myself. You gave me the power to sing and dance for hundreds.
We all bleed red, No matter the tone of our skin We’ve all felt uncomfortable With who we were Allowing others to break us down One of our many sins
- it's me, your daughter. i don't know what to say to you anymore, because i feel like you've always been able to say it for me, the willows that didn't exist in our yard, the school buses that weren't made for me.
My mentor? Bull The only thing that has been my mentor is pain. Pain is a very harsh teacher in life. Pain.
Time is wind, flowing through me Some inspire me to fly Push against my senses Take that bottomless leap into nothingness   At the edge of the precipice
Your rationality is one of the things I admire the most about you From your reaction to Brother when he crashed your car
Her soulful eyes are overwhelmed with compassion Her heart overflowing with love She’s eager to share it with the entire world She knows there’s more than enough   Acceptance is my hearty mentor 
Awakening to a senseless breath, a breeze takes over; a simple stroke as yesterday's misfortunes fall back into focus __________ One fork in the road,
You brought me into this world Instilled your hope, genes, and dreams into my soul Mom, Through these 20 years I've had many fears You've wiped away so many tears My heart is full
Who will you become? A doctor, a lawyer, a nun A man, a woman, or none   What will you do? Watch Hulu, write the truth, or teach the youth
It's drizzling outside Words flowing through my mind Everything came crashing down on me like thunder My strength and support gets ready to surrender
the unlimited lesson   “Everything I learned I learned from the movies.” -Audrey Hepburn-   Fade in: and the picture starts
Sixteen years, eight months, & two-hundred twenty days. Though it feels like time continues to fade away, what you have taught me throughout my life always stay.  
I've finally found something that I can look up to It is the continuous flow of every voice I've ever heard crooning a sweet song and having it mean something
I would like to thank My past love For the pain she put me through, And the healing I was forced into   For it was the healing, Stitching of the broken halves of my heart
Jumped, elated, I impressed the other kids You directed that need to impress into logical competitions- imprinted the impression that elevated expression was a channel for my intention Laughed, animated, I used humor to harm
A mentor is not always a person you see. A mentor can be anything that motivates me.   I think of a land that is near the Baltic-sea.
The thoughts of a Thirteen year old man. Fully mature he tells himself. In reality, his mind is infantile.   Real men are full of  kindness. His father knows, this is priceless.   
The thoughts of a Thirteen year old man. Fully mature he tells himself. In reality, his mind is infantile.   Real men are full of  kindness. His father knows, this is priceless.   
The smell of ink and paper The flutter of turning pages Faraway             Lands Magic             Things Incredible             People Friends.
A mentor is someone Someone who is a hero to you A hero doesn't have to be someone you know Just someone who has made a difference A difference in life overall My mentor is my mother
She is a cycle she doesn't understand. A whirlwind that sweeps you away without asking, a vacuum you never want to be free from. She engulfs you in her light when she's laughing, yet she's blind to her own brilliance.
my house is quiet to others but my thoughts are always loud just me without noise of sisters or brothers still the people in my headphones make me proud to be alone but not lonely
Mentor was what refered to you First thing on my mind was always you Yet what exactly have you done? You've always risen higher than I had ever hoped You were a beacon of light with no such awareness
Scripture and verses  like a wildfire emmerses  me, pulls me in and curses  all the things trying to come against me  What am I saying?  I mean it's a guide  don't wander 
My most feared tormentor, that hushed sentry Guarded in its webbed domain, transfixed by its prey, Whether it be me or a sly housefly grappling against its threaded prison.  
I’ve had many teachers. They've taught me wonder, beauty, importantance, but they’ve never taught me pain. Pain is a word that hurts, and there is no grammar class to teach me this.
I met them in high school And there was something about them  Something weird and amazing The stories, Oh the stories that they have! Many of the places, people, and things that they have seen 
Your boy has talentI see it in his eyesThat voice carries angels to the skyI wouldn't liePray God on highHear me when I sayHe's gonna make it one day.  
Dear mentor, I will forever be thankful to thee For the wisdom you have imparted to me. Many things are not equal in life But everyone gets the same 24 hours a day. None of which we will ever get back
That child needs you Just accept responsibility Do not run away And become a mystery Be a mentor to that child Just be there Lift the child up Always show that you care
Hi there. It's me, your father/mentor/master-plumber/older-self. If it's all right with you, I'd like to drop some knowledge on your head. At the time of writing this I'm 18 years old.
I traded in my Nike’s for the open mics  Those early Saturday morning 6 o'clocks for them 7s ate my priorities I had to trade them in for 
There are things that people needBut what do I need the most,Something that makes me smileEven when it is not very close. I have a dog who I love
Thinking back to the very fist existence, There was one that cannot be forgotten: Clad in white, adorned with thorns, And many emotions shown on its face. Age alike, the mind even more so.
I have a person in mind while I write this poem She battled cancer for years and at first she won But like the return of a storm and the vengeance of a brother, when it came around again it overcame and overtook her.
I love you because of how you make me feelWith you I feel as though everything is possibleAround you my heart has a tuneIt doesn't just beat but it composes to your musicYour voice is wonderful and peaceful
A mentor...   Is your guardian angel that echoes wisdom to your ignorant ears and close mind to not become him but to live a better life than he did  
Alas! morning has come upon us. upon us, has for us to go to school. Alas, we await for the our carriage to come. Alas! we arrive, dreading the stream of boredom to come
You say you teach me how to think to say the things you say are true when the things you say, don't come from you. I say, you teach me WHAT to think to say the things you say are true
Why is it Im your student why am I less than you Im just as capable  Im just not as experienced  I know what I'm  doing I try hard I work hard so why is 
She always used to say that the world was so unfair that the time was never right to save Her, for everyone lives for themselves, heartbreak a person itself where privacy lies only in thoughts
I just wanted to say thank you. I wanted to thank you for helping make me who I am. I wanted to thank you for pushing me forward when I was satisfied. I wanted to thank you for being upset when I let you down.
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