Pass it On

Mon, 08/20/2018 - 13:09 -- deuce10

His hands were callused and tough, 

The fruits of his labor evident in his work.

Guiding and building his craft,

Teaching me from mistakes he made in the past.

"Find your dream and hold on to it,

Stay in school and do not quit."

His words became my vision and path.

Making him proud is my newest task.

The lessons he taught are many

His words of encouragement were plenty,

Is it enough to keep me on track?

The knowledge he passed on without lack.

My prayer is to take what he taught me,

So I can build a life of plenty.

"Finish the drill", he said.

You don't want to work to become dread.

"Find a place where you can grow."

Are the things Richard taught me to know.





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Thank you, Richard for being my mentor.

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