Mentor Gratitude

L.C. S.H. E.S. A.S. Mentoring me to my most marked moments. 

Love of dear friends is showing me to the path of happiness.

I am grateful for the bound of blessings you each have bestowed on me.


Guiding me from unwise decisions, L.C.

Opposite souls more alike than two halves of the same golden fall leaf.

Emotions zipping about, pull me in as I run without fear into the dangerous unknown.


Mentally I grow greater than anyone's expectations, S.H.

Because you told me to dream beyond what I knew, what I thought possible.

My wishes surpass the limits of land barriers, red trees, and grassy earth.



Spiritually you see farther than I ever imagined possible outside a fictional novel, E.S. 

Tapped by the Spirit shown sixteen signs she showed me her soul's dilemma.

A new, lemon-fresh person, you refresh my soul by showing me faith in its purest form.


Emotionally you stretch my sights, A.S.

I see the world brighter because of you, All people your specific shade of lavendar.

Love for all. Equal for all. All humans worthy of respectful love. Simple, through bambi eyes.

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My family
My community
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