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  Ever since I heard it  I loved it start to finish It truely is for me      
Into the cave I went, Clueless and rather small. Voices, laughing, crying, I didn’t know where I belonged at all.   I never saw myself being involved
Music inspires me. The beat, thouch of the strings,  soothing chords balancing, harmony, I feel free. Filling my lungs with- Song, connecting to my soul. Practicing towards my goal.
  Walking along the halls Like any other day Going to the band room To melt the stress away   I see my band director Doing a normal task I walk on over to him
You play music. An entire decade of your life so far has been dedicated to the production of sound. For me that same decade was spent on the back of a horse.
A day in August; hot as hell. mark time mark! and I'm not doing well. But I'm doing my best. and that's very good. but you're not the best.
  First Arrow Growth | Service & Aid chair setups and receptions life blood of music…   Second Arrow Energy | Music art linked through sound perceptions vibrations turning…
This is a “Thank You” to the woman who leads, Who carries us all through our times of need.  
Opened the doors,  and sounds surounded me. My soul ached for more of this chaotic tranquility. Oh, and the love of song, it was effervescently amusing. I effortlessly adored the unstable stability.
For family does not begin nor end in blood, but begins in the love and trust between people. No matter the relation, family is family. No matter the meeting, family is family. No matter the duration, family is family.
All who attempt to Behold the wondrous works Of the ancient wielders of pathos Are to wait until eternal rest comes upon them
Gold  Medium Loud  in a dark case  sacred  of the people  Waiting  to be played  Hiden in a case  inside of a locker    A hand reaches in  the locker 
Dear Marching Band,
They do not care about the endless hours of practice. They do not care about how much effort we put into what we do. We are still the outcast, the losers, the geeks.
My show is over There is no more to give These past twelve months Are the most I have ever lived Bonded forever
Every morning there is a choice. Get up, or get rest. Give up, or fight. Let the trill continue to ring,
I’ve never felt more in tune with a group till now Where my skin color My upbringing My languages Do not matter
That slight inkling of his smile Shown through the lips, a small laugh He's looking at me with those eyes The audible bang of distant drums My layers shower over the sparkles
Rolling steps, feet in timeThis art, this love of mine"Find your dot," run it back Endurance, something I can not lackTooting tunes, forward slidesMaking sure our lines align Marching band is what I love"Woodwinds cut holes in your gloves!"Put on
Band is hard. Band is life. Therefore, life is hard.
It doesn't take much to give me a smile, Just sit me down with music for a while. Hand me my trumpet with music up to par,  Or toss me a pick along with my guitar.  
The warm blast of the horns, The high trills of the flute, Get me out of bed fater than a kick with a boot
Band Timeless, lovely Curing, freeing, inspiring The center of my universe Family  
The ever steady click Of silver keys As I press them down in difficult rhythm. Warm air blows through a plastic mouth piece But no sound comes out Not yet, not yet, two more measures. Two more rests.
I can conquer anything -  Any struggle, any strife, All I need to do it is my fingers and my life.   Performing is my passion. Drawing is my dream. I do this each and every day,
Rows, rows of music Three people higher then the rest High brass, melody in hand Low brass, big white notes The sweat, working hard as a unit The wood of over used reeds My mouth warm against my face
Music. I ____ music. It surrounds me, hugging me, moving me, comforting me. I use it to tell people I love them, miss them, am glad to be with them. It knows how I feel: sad, excited, angry, sentimental
Who am i? who do i look like? i look like a boy with a distinctive face i look like a girl when i choose to. I am a leader i lead the flutes i watch my "children" grow
Sun-damaged hair bouncing between my tired eyes, the flapping of my stretched skin with every stride,
I see instruments singing, the noise of the universe,
The time has come for a suite,Humbling and sweet.Eternity awaits for those of us,Standing on destiny’s edge.  
Step on the field Adrenaline rushes The announcer begins The crowd quickly hushes The music begins Perhaps a simple note Left foot first Listen back to percussion Stay in line
There is a moment right before one flies, where they know they will soar. When your heart beats too fast, and you can hardly breathe, You realize you'll stay up all night trying to remember the details.  
Buckets of rain poured down from the sky, as though the angels wept, mourning what was to come.   I found myself lurking outside at school,shrouded in a black hoodie
What I show you is, Not who I want to be, But what you want to see. I aim to please, Society. They say to me, "Be a tall, thin, Long haired, white teeth, Light-skinned beauty,
What I show you is, Not who I want to be, But what you want to see. I aim to please, Society. They say to me, "Be a tall, thin, Long haired, white teeth, Light-skinned beauty,
I remember the first day
This is what I'm a part of Marching band Very different from band All of the sections From drum line to color guard
  We love Being a part of something Greater than we can ever be alone We love The rush we feel after playing
I watch the leaves across the field fall as if in slow motion My arms and hands raise in a flourish The fading light of day glintsoff their instrumets
A chill runs down my spine But I do not feel cold.   A slap across the face With no pain.   Black and blue covering a once perfect skin And I see nothing.  
The heat, the sun, the humidity Flute, 6ft poles and bass drums banging my summer days My summer ended early but that's okay I'd rather learn rythms and tosses than sit at home 
Whew! I got to catch a breath got to keep going got to keep buzzing Show the opposition what kind of matter I’m made of. And I will keep buzzing and blazing bright no matter if we are Down below or way up high.
Here I stand. Only to be moved by a sturdy hand. A force, a revolution. Making us change, evolution. Here I stand with others. Against the words and hatred of our brothers.
The mallet strikes a key, One resounding note. The crowd grows silent, Holding their breath.       A forty-five degree angle, The mallets are still.
Tick- toc I'm bound and tied the bass comes how, my team has lost! It goes not my way and I just look away, I'm deep within.
We are told that what we do is not a sport We are told that we are not athletes Yet we are the ones that spend hundreds of hours working Yet we are the ones that are sweating, sun burt and tired
You don't see them The way I do You can't understand their power What they've done for me
Stiff, rigid stance I hold.
Stretched Bands             Grinded to sand,             Softened by oceans,             Brightened by the sunlight,             Being baked ripe.            
Eyes open. Chest out. Back straight. Shoulders back. Closed mouth, open mind. Now be ready for attack. All the words flow through my mind. So distracting, I’m so behind! Out of tune, out of time,
Music is my only aspiration
I am not low, I am high, I am G but above C, but I live on a staff, what am I???             I am treble-clef.
When I play, Everything else goes away. The music fills my soul And I feel whole I become the woman I want to be— Confident, beautiful and completely me. I am an integral part of something grand
sit up, good posture, keep the focus, we’ve done this quite a thousand times. not to complain, we love the routine: sweetest melodies, notes that chime. take a deep breath, poise and position, 
The time has come. A sea of green and white lays before me.  My pulse is rushing but I have to remember to breath.  In.. two.. three... four... Out... two... three... four...
There is nothing we can do now. For we are in front of the silent crowd. The wind whistled and howled, as we stood still and proud. Until our name was called we stood nice and tall. Everyone would cheer, though it was hard to hear.
At home is where I am with my family, Loved, cared for, and always happy, But when I go to school I have a treasure Which other students may not get to pleasure, It's my home away from home,
They call me a band geek They call me a freak But what they don't know is it helps me think When I hear the beat  I tap my feet Everything in my mind starts going All of my intellegance starts showing
I got this. Two steps off the yard line eight behind the hash. I can do this do not look at the crowd do NOT look at them. Look at Density
Morning, afternoon, night I walk in The white tiled floors, covered in spit, and dust, and never cleaned quite right. The walls literally filled with pictures of band kids past.
All year, we've been preparing for this moment. The grueling practices, The difficult performances, The friendships formed. This is our time to shine.
"So this one time, at band camp..", Is a phrase often heard, When one is informed, That I am a band nerd. I wake up at dawn, For the ever simple pleasure, To memorize my music, Measure by measure.
I miss you so much, right now more than ever I'd hoped that he who took over would be more clever. The songs that we play, and the things that we do- I feel like this guy hasn't even got a clue.
As she stands there in this crowded room With no faces she knows She thinks that she may face her doom before the director even shows
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