Broken Hart


United States
32° 50' 51.8172" N, 97° 7' 49.9944" W

I miss you so much, right now more than ever
I'd hoped that he who took over would be more clever.
The songs that we play, and the things that we do-
I feel like this guy hasn't even got a clue.
It's hard being here, knowing how it was
The way that you left made me feel useless like fuzz.
No goodbyes, no farewells, there was only a simple note
I'm leaving you for Irving - not even a hint of any dote.
With eleven years under your belt,
With kids we thought you loved,
What an awful thing we all felt,
When out of your life we were shoved.
I no longer know what to do, I don't even know what to say
No matter what happens, I just feel miserable either way.
Now all that's left is the pain of this scar
I wonder how I've even made it this far?
I miss you so much, it's the worst kind of pain.
And yet, I think it'd be best, if I never see you again.


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