Music inspires me.

The beat, thouch of the strings, 

soothing chords balancing,

harmony, I feel free.

Filling my lungs with-

Song, connecting to my soul.

Practicing towards my goal.

It's something I miss,

Up on stage was bliss.

Now I sit back and hum along, dreaming the score

And sometimes wishing for more.

To be in a band.

They're stories in all songs,

We just listen along.

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I have a student who was inspired by your poem to make a film with voice over of your poem.  It turned out really well and we would love to enter it into a local film festival.  Do we have your permission to use the poem?  We can send you a link to her movie as well.


It would be an honor! Thank you so much, can't wait to see the film. :)

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