Saturday Night Competition

Step on the field

Adrenaline rushes

The announcer begins

The crowd quickly hushes

The music begins

Perhaps a simple note

Left foot first

Listen back to percussion

Stay in line

Remember your space


remember your face

Quickly now,

the suspense builds

One more note

and the opener ends.

Slower now

Use graceful feet

Quiet at first

You have standards to meet

Project your story

Don't let them down

Never stick out 

or your scores will drown.

Pick up the beat

The basses echo

The chase heats

Visual here, horn pop there

Must do it all, 

make the judges stare.

Now wrap it up

The closer's begun

You tell them goodbye,

with one final song

Remember your shoulders

It's never too late

Last impressions,

are always great

Your final move,

horns to the box

Remember stand tall,

don't let your body rock

Drum majors cut off

They perform a salute

Keep the form

You're still in your suit

Step off the field

The adrenaline is still there

The announcer speaks

Judging begins

Another great week

Pride reflects in your grin.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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