Restricted Area: Band Members Only

You play music.

An entire decade of your life so far has been dedicated to the production of sound.

For me that same decade was spent on the back of a horse.

I think I remember you telling me you’re afraid of horses.

I’m not afraid of music.

I want to be around your music.

I want to be around you.


You’ve been in many bands.

Snoqualmie was step one.

Then to Twin Falls and on to Mount Si it’s been new musical years and new band friends.

Rooms that feel like home with people that are even closer.


I’ve never been in band.

I’ve never really cared until I met you.


You smiled at me.

We were in the same chemistry class.

I love science too.

I thought we could be together because I had a passion for science and you had a passion for science and it was a perfect mixture.

Your bigger passion is band.

I still want to be with you.


You talked to me.

Turns out you play guitar.

Locomotive is lucky to have you.


I met your friends.

A drummer, a saxophone player, a trombone player, a bass player,

What an amazing band you guys are.

I’ll fit right in because I play

Oh right

I forgot for a second

Sometimes you make me forget.

I’m so glad I can be with you.


Over these years,

I have become closer and closer with you.

And yeah we both love science,

And each other,

But even cuddling with you on your couch,

I look over and see a poster

“Restricted Area: Band Members Only”

I’m not in band.

I’ve never been in band.
I’ll never be in band.

How can you ever say I am with you?

Ever reassure me I fit in to you?

Maybe you’re lying.

Saying what you know I want to hear


I am not a band member.

I never will be.

Will I.


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