My Band Family

Sun, 10/20/2013 - 11:03 -- mmrozek

At home is where I am with my family,

Loved, cared for, and always happy,

But when I go to school I have a treasure

Which other students may not get to pleasure,

It's my home away from home,

My family away from my family,

The band in which I lead,

Always there, always happy,

This is where I was taught so many things,

Leadership, teamwork, and spreading your wings,

Upon my first year in the high school band,

I was quiet and shy, and rarely took a stand,

But now, four years later, my last year here,

I am the one looked up to from my peers,

I am the one up front, the one in charge,

I have motivated others,

And have caused their hearts to enlarge,

This band I am a part of,

Is so important to me,

It has helped shaped me into who I am,

And started me off on who I am going to be, 

After this year, I will leave this second family,

And set off on a new journey,

On a new start,

I won't be with them anymore,

But they will forever be in my heart




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