Feeling Sounds...

That slight inkling of his smile

Shown through the lips, a small laugh

He's looking at me with those eyes

The audible bang of distant drums

My layers shower over the sparkles

Sun caresses the freckles of my cheek

Through the glare I see the whipping of flags

There's a stir in my stomach like no other

I know I've worked to get where I am

How they are all unified intimidates like no other

Fast forward anxiety

Smile, sparkle, shine

I have done it

Award time

Oh look the alignment among the yard lines

I squeeze his hand next to mine

Shaking slightly as the sun sets over the mountains

We have won

Singing our way to the place we call home

Reluctant to relinquish the volumes through the windows

Slumber hits me like I've crashed

I awake to tiny kisses with meows following

The sun gleams past my eyes

It warms me

I'm in control

I'm feeling good

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