Dear Marching Band

Dear Marching Band,

      You were my first glimpse of both Normal West and of high school in general. You made my transition between Christian Life Academy, where there were five people in my class, to NCWHS, where there are around four hundred people in my class, much easier. Withoug you, I may not have been nearly as successful in my transition. You taugh tme how to work hard and give it my all, working through the pain, sweat and exhaustion. You added structure to my summers and falls and helped me to make friends. I was and still am heartbroken when I could no longer be a part of you my senior year; it feels like something is missing as a result. I will never forget when I walked into rookie camp for the first time, scared and alone, when my section all worked hard to welcome me and help me to fit in. I will never forget when my fellow bandmates included me when I felt isolated from the rest of the school on my first day of high school. I will never forget my years with you, and the hundreds of hours of extremely hard work I put in to memorize my music and my drill, and to successfully play the music while marching with the correct style, in time, to each location in the drill in order. You helped me to become a part of something bigger than just myself for the first time.

Thank you.

Love, Leah M.

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