All of Me is Yours


I remember the first day

When I saw you and thought

That you were worthless

I remember thinking 

That you were a loser.


Until you noticed me

You asked for my number

And I gave it to you

Because the bell rang

I didn't have time to ask questions


Then at the football game

I was cold and he

Let me wear his jacket

But you held my hands

In a circle and called me honored


There was a concert one time

And I looked at the back row

Where you held a trombone

And thought that I looked at you

You fell farther, but I had no idea


Then we were snowed in

Nowhere to go, no one else I know

So I followed you for a change

You were funny and kinda cute

In a nerdy sort of way


We texted for weeks

And I started to understand

Who you were and why you cared

I started to like you

So I flirted back


When my birthday came round

You gave me our favorite album

On vinyl

And showed me the catwalk

A different word


We went to a show

And that's when you held my hand

Back when it meant something

And it made my heart race

And my hand tingle


Next we did a show together

And you kissed me for the first time

On tech day on the fly rail

While they rehearsed a wedding

I was sure that it was an omen


But I guess that I thought too far

Cause I gave you all of me

But you took it and kept it all

While I cried backstage

Until we DC'd


For six months I mourned

I died that day even though I agreed

Cause I was you and you were me

And you didn't even tell me in person

Just a message I never deleted

Cause that's who I am.

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