The Suite of Instruments

The time has come for a suite,
Humbling and sweet.
Eternity awaits for those of us,
Standing on destiny’s edge.


Under and over our instruments sing.
Into the great unknown we sing.
To the west and to the,
East, until confronted by destiny’s grace.


Onward! to victory!
Fight! fight! Fight to the end.
Into the unknown we go, instruments of the world,
Nothing will keep us from destiny’s edge.


Stand with me, my friends, my enemies.
Together we shall follow those who came before us,
Right along, in our little Suite of Instruments.
Under and over our instruments sing, begging for destiny’s grace.


Move! Move! Move! and sing.
Emanate our suite for all to see.
Nothing can stop us, we are separate and opinionated, but together we make one Suite of Instruments.
Together we sing ourselves, my friends and enemies, to destiny’s edge.


Spelled out from here hence forth shall be the Suite of Instruments as destiny’s grace has brought us to her edge.



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