Into the Cave I Went

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 12:46 -- Felmly

Into the cave I went,

Clueless and rather small.

Voices, laughing, crying,

I didn’t know where I belonged at all.


I never saw myself being involved

With a crowd of musicians so broad,

But after a while I found a room

Where I could finally feel safe.


It’s wonderful to think of how

You would be in a position so great

And full of others that can grab your hand

And teach you how to count to eight.


Year by year I submerged myself in

Rhythm and melody and harmonies alike

And I even began doing it outside of the cave

That at first didn’t seem like it would be so bright.


But I have a place

And I’m an important face

Among a type of race

That is like a touch of grace.


I have a name,

I’m not the same,

And I learned how to tame

The very thing I like to call a game:




I know what I want even when

Everything seems to be falling

And falling and falling and falling.

Nothing is stopping.


It feels so heavy to be

In a spot where you need

To grow up.



But because I held my breath,

Walked in,

And learned something new,

I have been inspired to inspire.


All because of music

And the director that

Gave me the gift of

Having hope.


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