The Next Mrs. Moffat

This is a “Thank You” to the woman who leads,

Who carries us all through our times of need.


You carry your baton like a sweetly whispered order.

Leading your troops through a war not asked for,

With a grin and a twinkle in your eye,

So we all know we’ll make it out fine.


You march us continually to the beat of your choice,

And keep us in time with your laugh-line voice,

A joke in your eyes only we will understand,

And a war flag of music, an extension of your hand.


You remind me of everything I should live for,

The love, the joy, the friends, and more.

With you more Mother than simply A Guide,

I want nothing more than to stay by your side.


You teach me to listen to those all around,

To blend in and bring out our special` sound,

Never implying that I am not worthy,

Of this great brigade, of this great family.


You show us the way through  times uncertain,

With a steady-firm hand, still filled with affection.

I entered your life, perhaps by chance,

Now I can’t leave without a last glance.


You always fall ill when just one of us fall,

Because you know what we offer will never be small.

And one day I hope to be just like you,

Leading my own army of misfit troops.


You changed my mind about who I am;

My life is no longer some half-hearted scam.

I am happy again due to your kind words,

You made me believe I could fly like the birds.


Now four years later, it’s soon time to go,

Just one more battle, one more show.

I’ll learn all I can with my last year with you,

So when I leave, I will know what to do.


I’ll learn to teach teens, like you did for me,

Not just Teacher, but Mother who leads.

I’ve plans you see, and soon I will have

My very own magic baton in my hand.


I’ll fly with the birds, like you said I could,

I’ll land somewhere new, a forgotten  neighborhood,

Where the kids need help, but have nowhere to go,

I’ll turn them to stars, help them put on a show.


Maybe, like you, I could save a few lives,

Or wrists from scars created with knives.

Can’t wait till I finally have my degree,

So I can help more,

Like you have helped me.


This is a “Thank You” to the woman who leads,

Who taught that love is all that we need.

This poem is about: 
My community


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