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What shall i do if an AI is coming to my house to think and overrun me with his ideals when he has no emotions through out him whatever-   I feel no run, no sacrifice from me now That my tears have run dry
she left me in a meadow and as i could not stand the silence i ran past the ancient groves the secret place of lovers past but as i was not welcome there i ran more quickly past
I once had the chance to take a stand  To give the world my helping hand  Or make a difference in this land  But I walked away    When I was young I loved to dance  To put my soul into a trance 
Sometimes we run. Just run. And run.    Sometimes not fast enough to escape our problems.   But sometimes we run  so fast we forget to  slow down  and enjoy our gift.
I want to scream screech loud and ugly as a parrot I want to be heavy fat immense so that I make an imprint, an impact on everything I want to be so tall I can't see my feet anymore
run. run for the hills run for the sound  run for the feel, of breath in your lungs. run for the hope  run for the joy  run for the fear  you thought to destroy. run for your love 
I was only told to run As fast as I could. not where not why not with whom or whether I would see her again I was only told to run I was incomplete in my knowlege my gasps from my mouth
Dear Running,   Hello again old friend. I’ve missed our long talks. You’ve gotten me through so much.   Throughout high school you were there for me. Providing some post school activity.
Don’t eat that. I am just being honest, Because I love you. You will regret eating that, A moment... I am trying to help you,
Chug-a, chug-a, chug-a, chug You fall behind, you're out of luck. Brute mechanisms all in place to stay on track & win the race, They work in time and go in sync so you'll go far, or so you think.
She Shone Poem Tear blinded eyes Get fried by the dying sun It screams at her to run And to turn the left at the crossroads Because right isn't always right Light beams through the trees as she runs down the left path She hath see
I'm on a path, my destination is uncertain. I wake up in the morning with excitement and grit knowing that I am on an adventure. I look forward to continuing my journey each day, knowing that I will reach an exciting unknown. 
I want to run I want to be free Wouldn't that be fun? I could be someone besides me   I long to flee And be done with this place There's so much to see I'd leave without a trace  
I am not feelin’ good. Instead of staying in my sheets I will hit the streets It was a bad day But this will be a good run.  
Slow, cringed movements Small breaths, rapid Sapped, every ounce of strength, gone Sun is beating down, blaring hot Sweat drips off of my forehead
All I can try to do is run But running will get me nowhere. It gets me a load of tired and hunger Things opposite of what I want What I want is to run without the fatigue Runing without fearing what's ahead.
Run Boy Run Run for joyRun for happinessRun to spreadcheerfulness around you. Run Boy Run Run for healthRun for pleasureRun to spreadfreshness around you. Run Boy Run
My teammates and I inhale the fragrance of cross-country: freshly-mown grass accompanied by a gentle, humid breeze. 
I tried to hide I tried to run but I just...stood there              
I don't have a number for how many times;But I remember running...I remember harsh lighting in tired eyes,And middle of the night, fight or flight car rides...Phone calls and ringing;Then screaming.
If you do not trust me, as you should Forever I’ll delightedly leave. Sitting in silence is not the way;  For what would you hope to achieve? I’d rather always succumb to nothing
Sun-damaged hair bouncing between my tired eyes, the flapping of my stretched skin with every stride,
Broken hands... Empty mind. I look at my watch and it says, ''Go time.''  I feel these chains holding me to the ground and I cannot move. Life is a dance and I just want to fucking groove. 
The air is perfect temperature 
Perfection is a malady, it only serves to maim The wrinkled edges of my insanity, only myself and the world to blame. 'What a shame' was my worst fear, Lurking behind the swallowed tears
Run from the crowd run Run from the world run Run from those who hurt you run But do not run from those who made you feel love.
Boom, Boom, Boom; The music consumes.  I breathe it in; I melt at its beat. We are one.   Thump, Thump, Thump; My feet pound the ground.  My father and I;
streetlamps reflect off the wet asphalt orange leaves lay scattered on the ground   the air is wet the breeze is crisp hands are cold feet are warm  
I see you. I hear your words. I feel your tears as they fall, forbidden from your eyes.   Oh how your sadness consumes you. Outside lies the false imagery of peace.
Often at night I run but not only for fun.
On your mark. Set. Go! Out into the world and claim it as your own See the passing street lights as you get into your zone Focus, as you open your stride
The river flows backwards
RUNNING a sport in which the only person you need to beat is yourself
A broken heart will remember its wounds. A mind scarred will remain scarred. A body touched cannot be untouched. But another bottle won't fix it all. And the high only lasts for a moment.
So you're thinking about running And it's less about the outcome, the hardened muscles and lean body, And more about the feel of wind Rushing through your hair Feeling the elements As they pass
I love to run I feel relaxed from the pavement to the sun It's not always fun but nothing matters when I run.  
I can feel my heart beat To the sound of the ground beneath my feet   I see what could be mine, A prize above all others. I push myself to do my best I must go on,   Or else my dream
Have you ever wanted to Run? Run so far  Have you ever felt so Done? just have to gas the car Have you got some best friends? A couple i guess Are you done with Stress? I know i am
The passion runs through my vains
The rhythm of my heart beats in my ears. My eyes are steadily burning with the flow of tears. My bare feet are pounding on the ground. While the steady drumming is drowning out the sound. You forced me.
If I ran out of the room. Would you chase me, and save me from my doom? Would you run after me?  
My pulse began to race Like a horse out of the gate Then my muscles began to clench Like a wrench on a nail
Run                                 Run                                                             Run How far can I run
I leap, swim in the star's light. the immensity of the world wrapping me in an embrace; away from you. I melt into the sunset and let the colors morph me into someone who is not defined by you.
I came into in to the world and I knew who you were But I didn’t know you I slipped out of the womb battered and bruised and the only reason I lived was because of you And yet I’m ungrateful Running around hiding
I know as a human my self I know that I have the bad and my beauty I know about the weak and my strength I know that so far I've walked in the jungle of pain
  Run. Go forward, Trust your legs. Are they pillars or twigs?   Faster. Like Hell. Towards The Destination. Times’ scythe nips at your heels.   Recover.
It renders me incapable to respond. and I, being already out of energy then, am forced to stop. It is the driving force, and so spikes adrenaline, and so fills the mouth, that rancid taste taking over, holding fast.
You watch the news, you see the signsYou see the terror reflected in their eyesYou don't know the whole situationBut you know the media is exploiting the informationJust because it's a part of life
The sole of the shoe is burnt brown The body of it is crushed red These shoes pound the ground Running away, looking ahead
  Work my way into your mind To contemplate the art of time Complimenting the sublime.   The question in doubt, couldn’t figure it out…   Can’t escape the run
A person can write and run to improveThey could write to get better payThey might run to feel accomplishedThis person might run or write to get awayThe creative prefer to write an exscape
  There I am. Rain pouring. Dusk is upon the horizon. Standing still, breathing. Just Breathing. I look up at the Marble Statue of Christ.
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Fear is only recognized after the fact. When you are in fear, you feel him, you smell him, he grips you, but you do not know him as fear.
The singing began as they came for the finish The cheers and proud memorandums Ran through their minds. A thousand miles had they run for this, A thousand pairs of rubber soles they wore down for this,
I can feel you closing in Nipping at my heals, only a few steps behind What do you want from me? I never asked for this chase to begin And yet to chase me down, you seem inclined
My heart bleeds tears of sorrow for lives lost unexpectedly on a momentous Patriots Day, Bombs burst loudly sending innocent lives to heavens gate...
Promise me that you will always be outraged on days like today when smoke corrupts the lungs of people already breathless from the urge to live, live, live. Promise me you will never bury your head in your hands
I know That he was Frightened for me; Why else would He tell me To run, When it took me away from him?
I am a runner. I leave comfort for the chance of glory. Pushing my body to the limits of breaking. Then building it up, only this time stronger. No reasons for doubt. Your body is a castle,
Even the smoke Was thicker than I thought, And I thought and I thought. Innocent shards Take their place, broken heart. Who am I to have thought?
The line to the finish was so very near When a sound went off so I could barely hear I fell down - I felt the pain We have been bombed - I cry as I lay I see the other runners turn around to help me back up
I want to be barefoot. I want to leave my shoes behind. I want to feel the gravel, touch the squish in the tar, feel the temperature amplified on concrete
Running And running You can see the end Running for hours The crowd cheers And shouts encouragement s You keep going Then there's a boom There's so much commotion
Limits, limits They seem so fucken fun! In actuality they make me want to run Run into the sun Away from restrictions
Let me drift away; Away into the unperturbed Blackness of the cold, calm bay. Let me float away; Away on the clouds That carelessly swoon and sway.
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