Get Out of Here

I was only told to run

As fast as I could.

not where

not why

not with whom or whether I would

see her again

I was only told to run

I was incomplete in my knowlege

my gasps from my mouth

half whispers in the darkness

I was only told to get out

All she said was to go fast

and not look back

and leave them behind

and maybe they'd catch up

and maybe they wouldn't

I was told to move

my tush from the area

I was told to get away

get away

get away

I was told not to cry

I was told to be silent

and maybe I saw all of it coming

who knows

Except my mother, who wanted

me to run

from our home

our home

where we lived in the pepto bismol pink house

with large windows floor to ceiling

that weren't there the latter half of my life

that I can never look back at

that my mother may still be sitting in

but I'm not

I'm not sitting on her lap anymore

I'm running


I haven't looked back yet

and I don't think I ever will



This would sound so good read outloud! 


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