Overwhelming Night


You watch the news, you see the signs
You see the terror reflected in their eyes
You don't know the whole situation
But you know the media is exploiting the information
Just because it's a part of life
That will never make it right

No matter what happens to someone else
We always make it about ourselves
Something is so wrong with that picture
What will happen in the future
Something has to give, to change
Cuz selfishness in terror is never okay
Can nobody see the rising crime
Can no one see the overwhelming night

You turn on the TV, watch the screen
You can't quite hear their silent screams
You don't know what all went on
But you know the terror will never be all the way gone
Just because it happens every day
That won't ever make it okay

Can't you see they're crying out
Don't you know they need to be found
Can't you hear their cires
Don't you feel the horror on their minds


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